10 Reasons Why Working From Home Is Great For A Family

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Freelancing has gained popularity in recent years and the more people realize the benefits, the more actually start to work from home. Even though there are numerous benefits of working from home, we will list 10 here.

1. Less stress

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When working from home, you can arrange your little home office any way you like it. On the days when you are not really in the mood for working, you don’t even have to take off your pajamas. Simply pour some coffee, put it next to your bed and start working. Sounds perfect, right?

There is no boss looking over your shoulder making you tense and provoking your anxiety. You can play your favorite music or hop into the shower when you want a small break. It is really convenient and can make a huge difference in your life.

2. Greater productivity

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If you have tasks, but there are no strict working hours schedule set, you will do everything you can to do it in the shortest possible period, so you can go on with your day and all the obligations you have.

Besides, when you work as a freelancer you learn the importance of time management and the value of every minute. There are deadlines of course, but it is easier to meet them when you make plans yourself and choose only the jobs you want to work on.

3. More family time

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Freelancers don’t waste time traveling to work. No traffic jams, no delays in transport, no missed trains and no long walks to the office. Your office is right there where you are. This leaves more time for playing with the kids, making home-cooked meals and the opportunity to tuck your kids before bed.

Once they fall asleep, you can simply go back to work. Besides, freelancers decide just how much they want and need to work. Moms sometimes decide to be available just a few days a week while the kids are small. This is a major advantage because it allows her to be available to her kids while working on the career and filling in the family budget.

4. Mobility

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Being a freelancer means you can work from any country on the Earth, as long as you have an internet connection and your laptop with you. Belgium – yes, Thailand – yes, Hawaii – yes! Well, this is the opportunity many people take and live half a year at home and half somewhere they like. It is also an opportunity where you can earn a little bit more money by blogging about the places you visited. Great, right?

5. Less noise

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Family life can be noisy, that’s a fact, but when you organize your time in such a way that you can work when your kids are out, you can enjoy the peace of your own home and focus on your tasks. It is much different from the office atmosphere where the colleagues want to chit chat while you are trying to focus, or someone is going in and out, passing you by, sneezing, coughing and everything else that may just bug you all day long.

6. Better health

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Freelancers may be loners sometimes, but being in control of your own life will be extremely beneficial for your mental health. Also, being at home more will give you a chance to do some yoga, eat better food, drink plenty of water and rest when you need to which will all result in better health overall.

7. Flexibility

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People who decide to work from home can organize their time as they see fit. Companies have set working hours and the workers must be exactly on time, but some people function better at night and truly excel at being creative when they are at their best.

Isn’t it wonderful when you can say “I can be available from 9 pm to midnight?” and you enjoy every minute of it since your brain is at its highest speed. Let’s face it, not all of us are early birds. Check out this website where there are plenty of remote jobs at www.stackchasers.com to choose from. Give it a shot!

8. Saving money

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When you don’t need to travel to your office, it means that you will save the money that you would give for gas, the train or the bus ticket. Also, eating at home is much cheaper, since you won’t be eating out with colleagues. Paying for meals every day can truly add up when you don’t have time to cook. This way, you can direct this money to other things you need.

9. Less pollution

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The more people stay at home to work, means less traffic, so consequently, that means less pollution as well. Some people need to drive for an hour or two a day just to get home. Cutting the traveling time and the use of gas would certainly have a positive effect on our planet.

10. More quality time

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Working in accordance with your personality and being comfortable in your own skin is certainly better for a family. Instead of being a yelling mom or dad who is tired from work, we can have satisfied people who do what they love and are able to give their 100% because they feel appreciated. This century is all about balance. Achieving that perfect balance and walking the fine line between chaos and order.

The Internet has given us the opportunity of a lifetime – to work and earn money from our own homes and be able to participate in family life to the highest extent possible. People who try it rarely go back to the regular office work because this is the only type of work where people get the flexibility they need.

The opportunity to be with your kids when necessary or to care for sick parents while being able to earn for a living is certainly an option worth exploring. Thousands of people around the world have realized just how beneficial this way of life can be and this number increases every day.