Best 4 Methods of Water Treatment – 2024 Guide

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Consuming water and remaining hydrated throughout the day is something that every person should do, but when it comes to the actual water you’re drinking, you have to make sure that everything is purified and treated as it should be.

Not many people consider this to be important, but it is indeed one of the most significant things that you should be worried about. Every human being needs liquid, and your pets are not exclusion at all. You even water your favorite flowers with the same water that you’re drinking, and this happens multiple times daily.

To make sure that what you are consuming is alright to consume, you can do some of the following things that we’ll list below just for you. Let’s take a look.

Why water treatment?

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Before we begin listing the four best methods of purifying, people need to understand why someone wants to go through the process of doing this each time they want to fill up a glass of water.

First of all, most of us drink straight from the tap, which is a somewhat regulated case by the facilities responsible for quality control, but it’s nowhere near enough compared to what the quality should be.

When you are drinking from the tap, the liquid you are consuming usually contains a lot of minerals and other types of “hard” stuff that can harm your kidneys throughout the years of consumption. One or two drinks won’t do anything significant, but you know what happens to a pipe after hard water goes through it for many years.

Also, drinking from the tap doesn’t save you from any bacteria that might be in the pool where your aqua came from. This means that if the entire pool is polluted or infected with something harmful, you are bringing it home through the tap, endangering your entire family, pets and even plants.

So, you don’t want this to happen to your insides, so let’s take a look at the best way to avoid it.

Method 1 – Boiling

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The first method that a lot of people use on the regular when it comes to purifying your water is boiling. Why is this so popular? Because it’s so easy to do and everyone who is not even familiar with this can learn it in just under ten minutes.

It is the safest and also cheapest method for purification. We all know that microorganisms cannot be seen by the naked human eye, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. When you are drinking from the tap, your glass might be full of them, and you are not even aware of it. To avoid this, you can boil your aqua before drinking it, easily killing all harmful parasites and bacteria that might be present. Of course, when you finally want to consume it, it should be left to cool off to a normal temperature, so be careful not to burn your tongue. For more information about how this is done for entire cities and towns, you can visit Merus Online.

Method 2 – Filtration

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Ever since people started consciously thinking about the water that they are consuming, filtration became one of the most popular methods of doing it. The way you are going to filter your liquid will depend on what you have when it comes to equipment, and different types of filters will provide different results.

Some filters are built to be mounted on the very end of the pipe, and some are placed inside the large pipe where all the liquid comes into your home. Either way, they are both great methods, and they are also quite cheap, although not the most effective ones that you can come up with.

By filtration, you might be getting rid of extra chlorine or any other larger things that shouldn’t be inside the aqua that you are consuming, but you are not killing the parasites and the bacteria. So, if you live in an area with questionable water quality, stick to the other methods, although filtering is always a very nice extra addition to your arsenal, especially if you are a quality-freak.

Method 3 – Chlorination

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When it comes to utilizing science, technology, and chemistry to make your water cleaner, chlorination is the first method that comes up on everyone’s mind. It is a technique that has been used for many years, and it is still one of the most popular forms of treatment up to this day.

Chlorination is the process of releasing the powerful chemical into the liquid to kill germs, parasites and other micro-organisms that cannot be seen or felt by the human while drinking your daily cup of liquid.

Some people are worried and skeptical about the consumption of liquid that has been induced with chlorine, but that shouldn’t be the case because this chemical is tested and proven to be completely harmless for humans.

Method 4 – Distillation

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Last but not least, the Distillation purifying method that is widely used by many people across the globe, especially by parents who have to take care of their newborn. Why? Because it happens to be the safest, one of the easiest and the highest result-yielding method that you can do without anyone’s help. You can buy distilled water from companies such as

Distillation is something that every person can do in their own home, and it doesn’t even take up as much time as some people say it does. It is the process of letting water boil for a long time until it starts to vaporize, and then the vapor turns back into the water once more, which is clearer, healthier and safer to drink than any other liquid that you can find.

We mentioned parents and newborns because many doctors recommend babies to consume only this type of water, simply because even the slightest micro-organisms and germs can harm them big time in the earliest stages, due to their immune system still being very weak.

That’s it for today’s article, we hope that we’ve helped you learn some more about filtering and purifying your liquid, so if you want to be sure that you’re consuming something healthy and pure, feel free to use these methods as many times as you need to. Stay safe and healthy.