What is The Best Class to Play in World of Warcraft as a Beginner?

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Whenever you are playing WoW, it is crucial to find the best class. It is a time-consuming decision for every player. As a beginner, you may not know much about the game, and anyone can defeat you.

It is necessary to have enough ideas about different classes and how a beginner can choose one of them to perform well. When you choose the best class, you will start enjoying the game and get an opportunity to win more as compared to others.

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This guide helps you in assisting the best class. Every person has a different mindset, and they know what is best for their gaming techniques. But as a beginner, you have to spend some time evaluating distinct classes and pick one of them. Let us start discussing them.

About Class

Before you proceed to the process of choosing the best class for your game, make sure that you understand the terminologies carefully. Picking the perfect class is the initial thing when you create a new character and choose characteristics like gender, clothing, weapons, race, etc. There are 12 classes from which you have to select anyone. All the classes have their benefits, spells, and abilities. Let us know more about them.

Death Knight

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It is an undead construct with high combat performance due to the utilization of enemy blood, the chill of the grave, and undead minions. It provides three specializations after level 10 in the game, i.e., Blood, Frost, and Unholy.

There is one thing among these three specializations that they use their primary stats for their strength. With the help of Runes and Runic power, the character can make spells.

Demon Hunter

The primary purpose of this class is to track and destroy the demons in the game. The character will do its job no matter what is happening in the game. It features perfect eyesight and demonic power to identify all the demons and hunt them.

There are two specializations of Demon Hunter, i.e., Vengeance and Havoc. For utilizing their abilities and spells, the character will wear leather armor and use the Fury resource.


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This class protects the natural balance as they are known as shapeshifters. They can form any animal or creature for the assistance of their allies. There are four specializations, i.e., Balance, Guardian, Feral, and Restoration.

Every specialization uses a different source, but there is a common one, i.e., Mana. Every source has distinct power, such as the Balance uses the Astral power, Guardian utilizes Rage, and the Feral utilizes both Combo points and Energy. There is a standard leather armor that everyone uses.


There are many backgrounds from where you can find these hunters, like trackers, tamers, etc. The character does not use any spells, but they use bullets and arrows. They use different types of traps to get their enemies. There are three specifications, i.e., Survival, Marksmanship, and Beast Mastery. They wear mail armor and use their resource Focus to show their abilities.


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It is a scholar class with dating origins. Undoubtedly, they are powerful and knowledgeable. They can do many things, like using raw arcane magic for assaulting their foes. The character can burn their ash by fire spells and use frost magic to freeze their enemies.

They can transform their enemies into less harmful creatures. There are three specifications, i.e., Fire, Arcane, and Frost, and they wear cloth armor and use their common resource, Mana for spelling.


Like their name, they are peaceful, full of harmony, and brewing in nature. While participating in combat, they use their skills like martial arts, iron-clad discipline, healing methods, and the use of regenerative mists. There are three specifications, i.e., Windwalker, Mistweaver, and Brewmaster. They wear leather armor and utilize resources like Mana, Energy, Stagger, Chi, etc.


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They are known for their justice and show the path of righteousness. They are considered holy warriors that help them shield their allies and provide blessings for increasing the combat performance of their allies. There are three specifications, i.e., Redistribution, Holy, and Protection. They wear plate gear and use resources like Holy Power and Mana.


The priests utilize powers like void and holy for healing their allies. There are three specifications, i.e., Shadow, Holy, and Discipline. They wear cloth armor and use resources like Mana, Insanity for casting their abilities and spells.


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It is easy to describe the class with words, such as assassins, spies, cutthroats, poisoners, thieves, etc. The character follows every tactic to win the combat. There are three specifications, i.e., Assassination, Subtlety, and Outlaw, and they wear leather armor and utilize two common resources, i.e., Combo points and Energy.


They are known for their wielders and disciples as the character lives in harmony thoroughly. With the help of water power, they can heal their allies. They have a combination of elemental powers driven by water, fire, wind, and earth. There are three specifications, i.e., Restoration, Elemental, and Enhancement, and they wear mail armor and use resources Mana and Maelstrom.


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This character class observes opportunities instead of death like other heroes. With the help of shadow and destructive forces, they can drain their enemies and beat them. There are three specifications, i.e., Destruction, Affliction, and Demonology. They wear cloth armor and use resources like Mana and Soul Shards.


They are masters of weapons and are known for their best performance on the battlefield. They have many strengths that you can use in combat. There are three specifications, i.e., Arms, Protection, and Fury. They wear plate armor and use Rage resources.

The Bottom Line

Go through all the mentioned classes with their description. You can choose any one that suits you well. Once you pick any character, you cannot change. Make sure that you think well before finalizing any class.