Projector Hire: How to Select the Best Projector for Your Corporate Event 2024 Guide


Have you considered hiring a projector to enhance your events? Whether you want to hold an experiential marketing event in a park or meet with clients outside, projector hire may make an outdoor event unique.

And for many firms, tech rentals are the ideal option. Consider these:

  • buying a projector outright may be costly
  • you’ll need somewhere to keep it
  • you’ll have to spend time cleaning and maintaining it

However, leasing a projector is a much cheaper choice because you won’t have to spend time maintaining it, it won’t take up valuable space, and, perhaps most importantly, you can hire one only when you need it. When selecting to rent an outdoor projector, there are several factors to consider.

Several Benefits of Projections

The essential advantage of LED displays is the decreased maintenance and expense associated with the absence of projector bulbs and filters. On the other hand, projectors have many advantages that digital displays cannot match. Projectors provide businesses with the following benefits:

Image Dimensions

Projectors provide far bigger pictures than flat-screen displays. Many projectors can project an HD image up to 300 inches diagonally, depending on room size and illumination, whereas LED displays have a set screen size.

Furthermore, the cost of projecting the usual 60 to 80-inch screen size prevalent in most businesses is far cheaper than purchasing a comparable display.

Lower Total Cost


Projectors provide the best cost per screen inch, even after accounting for the cost of new bulbs and a projection screen. LED displays with large screens are much more costly.

Pleasant to the Eyes

Because flat-screen displays are often smaller and brighter than projected images, they are more demanding on the eyes. Projected pictures, with lower brightness and bigger image sizes, can help minimise eyestrain and weariness.


A ceiling-mounted projector and paper-thin projection displays take up less room than a huge screen display. Furthermore, projector screens may be retracted, folded, and put away when not used.

Viewing Angle

LED displays seem excellent to guests seated directly in front of them, but YOU might impair the image for those sat at an angle. Regardless of the viewing angle, projected pictures remain correct.

What to Think About When Renting an Outdoor Projector

Several projectors are available for hire, each with unique characteristics that make them suited for various environments: outdoor, indoor, corporate, educational, and so on.

Video Inputs


You’re all set to begin your business presentation. You take out your laptop only to discover it isn’t communicating with your projector. Your event has been destroyed. It is critical to hire a projector that will operate with your video source, whether a laptop, Blu-ray player or anything else.

Remember that specific projectors have VGA connectors, which many contemporary computers do not. Make sure your projector hire is compatible with the device you intend to use.


In an ideal world, you would utilise a projector in total natural darkness – the greatest atmosphere for seeing information through a projector. It is simpler to view the screen as it becomes darker.

However, in the actual world, this may only sometimes be practical, such as if a business function occurs during work hours or you can only meet with clients or suppliers in the afternoon.

If the light appears to be an issue, one of the essential things you should look for in a projector hire is a device that can manage daylight and ambient light while still producing a nice picture. Lumens are the entire quantity of visible light to the human eye from a light source in projector language.

The greater the lumens, the faster you can start your presentation. Generally, hire a projector with at least 2,000 lumens, preferably more. It will make a significant impact and allow you to host events and business gatherings at any time of day.

Resolution of the Projector


The easiest way to understand resolution is to think about how many pixels a projector puts on the screen – the more there are, the clearer the image.

Today, 1080p, often known as 1920 x 1080, is becoming the industry standard. Although 4K resolution – about four times the quality of 1080p – is becoming more popular, it is expensive and should be avoided unless required.


It may seem apparent, but you must hire a portable projector. Practicality is critical if you’re going to a park, roof terrace, or other open location, especially if you’re taking public transportation or hailing a cab.

When shopping for tech rentals, go for something thin and light. Consider purchasing a projector case to make transporting the projector even easier.


Hiring a projector for your event is not just a wise economic decision; it also offers other advantages for your company. When choosing equipment for a corporate event, there are several factors to consider, such as the size and aspect ratio of a projection screen and the throw, lumens, and calibration of a projector.


Because projectors aren’t one-size-fits-all and needs differ from location to venue, projector hire is an excellent approach to ensure that you always have adequate equipment.