Breast Surgery Guide 2024 – What You Need to Know


If you are looking to undergo breast surgery this year, and have finally decided what you want from it, we have a special article for you. Below, we will go over some of the best advice for women who wish to alter their breasts surgically. In case you end up wanting to learn more, you can always find more information. Until then, become familiar with important things to keep in mind.

The Surgeon has to be a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


If the surgeon you picked does not have a good reputation, a 5-star rating, and before and after pictures of their earlier work, we advise you to look elsewhere. Never fall for seductive pressure sales tactics with something as important as surgeries, and find the right professional for yourself. Remember that only competent and experienced surgeons who have years of experience should be viable. They should know everything about breast enhancement procedures, all the associated risks, and what you need to do during aftercare.

The certificate mentioned in the title ensures that the surgeon excels at all the required advanced aesthetic techniques and that they have had extensive training and practice. Also, feel free to ask them about surgical procedures, success rates, and possible complications.

How do they deal with complications?


Before you even consider going with a certain surgeon, ask them everything about their practices if some complications arise. You have to know how often they have dealt with problems surrounding breast enhancements and reductions, and how they combat them.

Types of implants

There are various different types of implants that give you certain a certain look, shape, or feel. Saline, silicone, structured, and gummy bear implants are the most common and most sought-after. Regarding the shapes, most women opt for a teardrop or round shapes. For women who want a more natural look, the teardrop is the best solution. It is important to discuss your desired shape well before the surgery.

Safety of implants


There have been many controversies regarding breast implants, which is why safety is crucial nowadays. Find out what your surgeon’s practices are and what they offer in terms of implant safety. Why your surgeon chooses a certain type of implant should be something you have to know.

Size and shape

Although specific implant volume is something most women think about, pocket and implant dimensions are worthy of more considerations. This is especially important if you are chasing that particular look you wish to achieve. Collect photos of models you like, wearing clothes, underwear, swimsuits, and of them naked. This can make it easier for you to determine what goes better with your respective physique.

Are you a good candidate?


The weight, overall health, medical history, and lifestyle habits all have a dramatic effect on determining if a woman is a suitable candidate for breast surgery. Do not hide things from your surgeon and make sure you are on the same page with all the details before you proceed.

Recovery time

What happens after the augmentation is almost as important as what came before it. While some variations in techniques do exist, almost all patients must only do minimal reaching and pulling with the arms for two weeks. In addition, no less than 20 pounds of weight should be lifted. When these two weeks end, you should not lift more than 45 pounds for two more weeks, but you are allowed to reach and pull with your arms. All in all, recovery time is four weeks, during which it is crucial to wear a bra at all times, except when showering. After these 4 weeks pass, you can go back to regular exercises and do them as long as they feel pleasant and tolerable.

When are the results visible?


For most of the patients, there is initial swelling from the surgery. His will gradually go away, and after some 2 months, nearly all of it will disappear. This is when you can expect to see your actual, new, and improved breast size. This is when the fun begins, as you can go shopping for your new clothes sizes, mostly bras, and bikinis! This is still not your final look while naked, however, as the overlying soft tissue will be adjusting to the implant which takes about one month more.

Maintaining Results

We cannot prevent aging with these surgeries, but there are some precautions that can help you prolong the longevity of your new enhanced breasts. The tissue and implants weigh a certain amount, and the implants are almost exclusively heavier than native breast tissue of the same volume.  Gravity will start kicking in eventually and this weight will start moving over time. With poorly positioned implants, there will be droopiness problems. Wearing breast support as much as possible tends to help here, especially at night.

Average cost


Depending on what you want from the whole procedure, how big you want your new breasts to be, and what type of implants you choose, your breast enhancement surgery could fall anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000. This is a vast difference obviously, but not all plastic surgery clinics charge the same, and not all surgeons are willing to do it for a certain price. As with everything else, the price greatly depends on the individual, their wishes, and body features.

Post-surgery undergarments

More and more surgeons recommend their patients start wearing post-surgery undergarments, after breast augmentation surgeries, as well as reduction surgeries. Ask your doctor how long you need to wear it and stick to it to improve and prolong the overall effect of your procedure.

Breastfeeding with implants


Implants have created problems with breastfeeding in a very limited number of occasions, and it is not something that is a real possibility. Implants are safe, long-lasting, and perfectly suitable for breastfeeding.

Is it painful?

Breast augmentation involves movement of the chest muscles, and while the initial surgery is conducted under general anesthesia and is therefore painless, bruising pain is to be expected during recovery. This post-surgery pain will be followed by swelling, and both of these side effects can be handled with pain medicine.

How long does the surgery last?


A common, basic, and straightforward breast enlargement surgery, it takes about 60 minutes on the operating table. Form more complex procedures, it may take slightly longer, but it should never exceed two hours.