5 Ways CBD Oil Can Help With Sports Injuries

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As you probably know the World Anti-Doping agency as well as US Anti-Doping agency removed their bans on CBD oils. These were two great news back than and they did something incredible – firstly, showed everybody that CBD oils aren’t supposed to be something that is harmfully and secondly, they opened the doors to events regarding CBD that we have now.

CBD got misunderstood from the beginning. It was perceived as a bad substance that can harm your health, it was also perceived as an addiction substance and it was considered as a performance enhancer. Boy did they got all of this wrong! The true picture is just the opposite. CBD help athletes to recover faster and without much pain, it gets them the most out of their bodies and most out of their workouts. Maximizing your efforts is the end goal of any athlete because only than he/she can hope to become number one at what they do.

In order to stay at the top, or just be competitive, athletes keep pushing themselves to the limits where they have to turn to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatorys in order to fight the pain. It is growing into the chronic use and they are simply gumming down ibuprofens and aspirins like candy at this point. As most of you know these, in some way, do help to get the pain of your back but over extensive use brings some nasty side effects.

This is why lately a lot of athletes are turning to CBD. Whether you want to admit it or not, CBD has a lot of pros plus it’s a healthier replacement to regular pills you have been using. If you don’t believe us educate yourself further, try and learn more about this or simply Read more here.

1. Inflammatory issues

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So as we mentioned athletes keep pushing themselves to the limit meaning there will be a lot of inflamed and hurtful muscles, joints, arms, shoulder and backs. In order to fight this, they had to turn to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatorys like aspirin and ibuprofens. As a healthier replacement CBD will actually provide better results in pain relief without having side effects. There is something called COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes in your organism. COX-2 enzymes affect entire systemic inflammation, predominantly in the joints while COX-1 enzyme activity helps promote the inflation in our guts which we actually need in order to protect it. Ibuprofen for instance lowers both of these enzymes and make you susceptible to stomach bleeds which is a bad thing right?! Now CBD on the other hand has a positive effect on reducing the COX-2 while not affecting COX-1 at all. This means you will get rid of the pain in your body but you will not destroy the overall mucosal layer needed to protect your guts.

2. Neurological and mental stress

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This is something no athlete can go around. At one point you will feel stressed out and you will get irritated, its simply normal if your entire life revolves about getting that success, being better, staying competitive. You constantly practice, you constantly beat your body, push it to the edge and you have to expect at some point that those bad things will get to your psyche and cause you to stress out. CBD Helps here as well. It acts on the internal endocannabinoid system which is found all throughout the body. CBD will bring you bliss, it will calm you down and enhance all the good stuff in your body that has already been there but couldn’t reach the top. The thing that makes you bliss and feel good is called anandamide which is main endocannabinoid. We all have these naturally in our organism and the CBD is just a way to make them pop and start working a little bit harder than before. Relaxing from time to time is hard for athletes because they are always in that “Fight or flight” mode and it gets hard to turn it sometimes.

3. Cell regulation

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Anandamide has more functions, besides the previously mentioned, and one of them is modulation of inflammation within your body utilizing other mechanisms outside COS-1 and COX-2. It actually affects tumor necrosis one alpha which is one of the primary inflammatory markers that need to be looked at when you are trying to recover from a workout. The less the inflammation the more recovered you are. The other one is reduction or even inactivation mitogen-induced T and B-cell proliferation. These two cells are involved in our immune system and they are responsible for labeling things in our body that are bad and need to be terminated by are immune system. Well, sometimes those immune cells become overactive and cause chronic states of inflammation which is bad. Thanks to CBD and the anandamide, we can get that unnecessary process turned down or totally off.

4. Performance anxiety

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Athletes strive to get more effect during competition and they also try to reduce their performance anxiety in order to focus more on the task at hand. CBD can help in that as well. It works on the 5-HTP receptors, the same receptors that help promote serotonin in the body. Serotonin helps you feel good, confident, makes you less stressed out but what is important not so much that it makes you lose your edge that makes you who you are. It will simply aid you in staying calm, cool and collected when needed and when under pressure.

5. Good sleep

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Believe it or not athletes actually need a good and quality night sleep. In order to fulfill your goals and to make sure your body, muscles, joints and everything else has recovered from the day before you need quality sleep. When we sleep our body produces human growth hormone which has an essential role in building muscles, burning fat and increasing energy. When not having enough sleep, or quality sleep for that matter you produce less of this essential hormone and that actually impacts your workout results, muscle growth and less fat being burned down. Lack of sleep also influences in muscle mass decrease and increase chances of injuries, which athletes really do not need. CBD will also help you if you had problems falling asleep at night. Through its relaxation of body and mind it will help you fall asleep faster and keep you asleep longer throughout the night.

Most confuse CBD with THC which is why it has been through so much scrutiny, but this is actually a good thing for everyone. CBD oils prove more and more helpful and gain higher medical acceptance. Yes, it is still considered to be kind of alternative medicine, but it is medicine nevertheless. People need to lurn to differentiate CBD from THC and when they do that all the misunderstandings will go away. To check out some benefits of CBD products visit smile-cbd.co.uk