Is Clearwater Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Bad for a Roof? 

If you’ve been putting off pressure washing and roof cleaning for your home or business, you might have heard that this work is bad for a property and damaging to shingles, roof tiles, brick walls, pavers, and  other materials. The truth, however, is that power washing is bad for your property only when performed incorrectly, usually by a property owner themselves!

Expert, professional roof cleaning and pressure washing in Clearwater are beneficial for homes and commercial structures, and should be scheduled on a regular basis. To ensure you’re keeping your property clean and pristine and in good repair, note a few cautions about power washing, why and how it’s damaging when done incorrectly, and how professional pressure washing protects your property. For more information, visit this site.

Why Avoid DIY Clearwater Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning


Trying to manage Clearwater pressure washing and roof cleaning yourself is the most common cause of damage during this work. Note a few common mistakes property owners make when performing their own power washing so you better understand why and how this can be damaging to a house or commercial structure, and exterior surfaces around your property.

  • Spraying water in the direction of shingle and tile edges can loosen them, increasing the risk of losing them in a storm or high winds.
  • Spraying water along tile and shingle edges and between those pieces can also allow water to seep under them, risking water leaks inside the home and water damage to decking and other roof layers.
  • Using too much pressure on roof shingles strips away their granules. Shingle granules help avoid standing water on the roof; stripped granules can also clog gutters, risking water running down exterior walls and pooling around the home’s foundation.
  • Using too much pressure on exterior surfaces can chip brick, dent siding, cut through door and window screens, and even shatter window glass!
  • Improper power washing techniques often create messy splatter and allow water to pool around a home’s foundation rather than running off to a nearby drain.
  • Using too much pressure can also strip paint from surfaces or etch wood surfaces including decks and fences.
  • Property owners not experienced with using pressure washing equipment might also use the wrong detergent, or not rinse detergent away properly, leaving behind a sticky residue that attracts more dirt than before.

Added Cautions Against DIY Pressure Washing in Clearwater


Property owners might also consider that using the wrong tools and techniques when power washing can mean an ineffective clean or taking far longer to clean larger surfaces than needed! A professional pressure washing contractor in Clearwater knows the right tools including nozzles to use, to make quick work of cutting through even the toughest, thickest dirt and grime.

It’s also good to remember that being on roofs or elevated surfaces including ladders is hazardous in the best of circumstances, but even more dangerous when trying to manage a cumbersome power washing wand! Wet surfaces are also more slick than dry, so trying to walk on a wet roof or ladder can risk falls and serious injuries.

Power washing equipment is also surprisingly heavy and difficult to move around, and especially to load in and out of a car or van. If you don’t own equipment and are thinking of renting a power washer, consider that you might need help simply to get the washer in and out of your vehicle.

Why Schedule Professional Power Washing and Roof Cleaning in Clearwater


While improper pressure washing techniques can damage your structure’s roof and exterior surfaces, high-quality power washing is beneficial for your property and can actually protect it from damage! First note that the city’s close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay often means lots of airborne salt, sand, silt, and other gritty residues that settle onto roofs and exterior surfaces.

Over time, these residues get ground into shingles, tiles, concrete, pavers, brick, glass, and other materials, risking etching and scratching. Regular power washing removes that debris, protecting exterior materials from etching, scratching, and damage.

The city’s high humidity levels also encourage mold growth as well as moss, mildew, and algae. These residues are damaging to roofing shingles and tiles, brick, and other materials. Along with pollen, dust, and air pollution residues, they can also bother your sinuses and create a very unpleasant outdoor environment for anyone with allergies or sensitivities.

Regular power washing removes that debris, improving outdoor air quality instantly. Pressure washing also removes dirt and grime from business signage and lighting, ensuring a safe property. Customers and clients will also be able to spot your outdoor sign more readily when you invest in regular power washing for advertising signs, street signs, and the like.

How Often Do You Need Regular Pressure Washing in Clearwater?


Most property owners would do well to schedule power washing every 3 years, as this is typically sufficient for removing dirt, mud, and other grime. However, since Clearwater properties are often covered in sand and silt as well as soot, air pollution residues, and other grime, it’s often best to schedule pressure washing and roof cleaning every other year or even annually.

Some property owners might consider power washing even more than once throughout the year. For example, the closer you live to the water or to nearby marinas, the more likely it is that your property will be covered in sandy residues, soot, and other grime. If you cook outdoors often, you might also notice soot and ash residues coating your patio or deck and your home’s exterior walls.

Schedule power washing as often as needed to remove these residues and ensure a clean exterior space. Anyone with allergies, asthma, and other breathing disorders might appreciate annual power washing, to remove dust, pollen, mold, and other irritants.

Your Clearwater pressure washing and roof cleaning contractor can also note if you need to schedule this service more often for various areas of your property, such as pool decks or solid panel fences that tend to get covered in dirt and grime more often than usual. You can then ensure your home and commercial property are always in good condition and looking their best throughout the year.