Cosmetic Dentistry – Keep Your Teeth Immaculate

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Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular with people opting for a wide range of procedures including whitening their teeth and replacing them, as well as closing the spaces between them and getting implants. Visiting the dentist is quite important, especially since they can heal your teeth, prevent tooth decay, and they have various instruments that can give you that perfect smile.

If you are thinking about what cosmetic dentistry can help you with, you are reading the right text. In the article below, you will read about what services and procedures you can opt for to keep your teeth immaculate. Let’s take a closer look:

1. Discolored Teeth? Whitening is The Solution

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One of the most common procedures people opt for is teeth whitening or bleaching. Of course, you can choose to do this by yourself – by purchasing whitening solutions – however, a dentist will be able to provide you with supervised treatments. Generally speaking, this procedure is one of the simplest ones and it is also the cheapest option out there for improving the overall look of your pearly whites.

If you have stains or if they turned yellow over time, your dentist will probably recommend whitening or bleaching treatments either at their office or they might suggest that you purchase a mold and gels that you can use for whitening your teeth at home.

2. Braces For Aligning Your Teeth

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Your orthodontist might also suggest braces for straightening, aligning, or correct rotating your teeth. A lot of individuals avoid smiling if their teeth are not straight as they should be, however, you can easily fix that issue by wearing braces. Opting for this method will require a little bit of time and will power, but after a while, your teeth will look great. If you are interested, we suggest to have yourselves checked by an orthodontists in Washington DC if you are just nearby.

3. Indirect Fillings

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The inlays and onlays are most commonly made from either porcelain or composite materials, and sometimes, they can be made from gold. They are used for filling in damaged or rotten teeth. Now, fillings are molded into their place when you visit the office, but, inlays and onlays are most commonly crafted in a laboratory and then bonded into their place by your orthodontist.

When the material is bound to the center of your tooth, it is called an inlay. But, when it includes more areas of the tooth or when it is used for covering the entire surface that is used for biting, it is referred to as an onlay.

4. The Shiny Veneers

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According to the experts from Dentist Fairbanks AK, veneers are ultra-thin, personalized materials bonded to the teeth directly. People who want to fill the gaps or hide their discolored and stained teeth often opt for this option – especially if their teeth cannot be whitened by traditional whitening processes.

If you want to change the overall look, you can choose to get veneers. This procedure is quite invasive when compared to the previously mentioned one, however, you can reap a lot of benefits from choosing to get them. Individuals with critically chipped or decaying teeth most commonly choose veneers.

5. Replace Your Missing Tooth With Implants

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Now, do not be frightened by the definition of dental implants. These implants are made from titanium and they are placed into the bone socket where a tooth is missing. As your jawbone heals over time, it will grow around the titanium implant, which will in return, secure it into the jaw and provide a foundation for the implant. If you are missing multiple teeth or have a series of issues with your smile, then you might need a more involved solution. Something like the All-on-4 dental implants offered here will allow you to fix your smile all at once.

6. Chipped Teeth? No Problem, Choose Bonding

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Individuals who have chipped teeth should choose to bond them, especially since it will give their teeth a completely new look! It is not a time-consuming, nor painful procedure, hence, you will not feel uncomfortable as you might with some other methods for improving the condition of your teeth. Once you are done, you will no longer avoid smiling and showing off your pearly whites.

7. Reshaping Has Never Been Easier

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Reshaping or as it is also referred to contouring is a treatment that is instant in cosmetic dentistry. It is usually performed to correct crooked, cracked, chipped, or overlapping teeth in only one or several treatments. This technique requires dentists to perform a reduction of several millimeters and to add tooth-colored laminate. There is no pain or discomfort connected to this procedure, but it will give you an instant need to smile more.

8. What About a Gum Lift?

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Yet another popular cosmetic dentistry technique, a gum lift will improve and sculpt your gum line. It might be a bit invasive since it requires reshaping the tissue and bones under it to provide an image of teeth that are symmetrical and straight. Today, most offices are equipped with gadgets and tools that can fix problems such as this one, hence, there is nothing that will stop you from getting that perfect smile that you have long wanted.

9. Another Option For a Missing Tooth – Bridges and Crowns

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Bridges or as they are also known pontics are basically fake teeth. They are usually bounded between two porcelain crowns in order to fill in the gap made from one or several missing teeth. The crowns will hold the fake tooth in place and they are attached to both sides of the fake tooth. This is referred to as a fixed bridge and they cannot be removed.


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There is a lot of reasons why someone might get their teeth fixed, however, the most common reasons for people choosing to have these procedures is that they allow them to easily get a job that they want, they can make friends in an easy manner, and do not forget that it will incredibly boost their self-confidence.

Hence, the various procedures mentioned in this article are ones that you can opt for. However, keep in mind that the one you will choose will depend on your dentist’s recommendation. So, now that you know what cosmetic dentistry can help you with, do not waste any more time and schedule an appointment with your dentist right away!