Here Is All You Need To Know About the Darksaber – Star Wars Weapons Guide

Darksaber about

Very few weapons in the Star Wars franchise have the long, storied history and legend of the black-bladed lightsaber or Darksaber.

The first appearance of this extraordinary lightsaber was in The Clone Wars animated series.

It made a surprising return in The Mandalorian and has since been an obsession for fans of the franchise.

However, apart from its obvious aesthetic appeal, what makes the Darksaber so interesting?

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1. The Darksaber’s Origins


The Darksaber was actually created by the first Mandalorian Jedi called Tarre Vizsla, over a thousand years before the events of the original trilogy.

During the Old Republic’s final days, the role the Darksaber played during the Jedi-Mandalorian War was also quite important.

Following the War, the Darksaber remained in possession of House Vizsla and it was handed down through generations till it came into Pre Vizsla’s possession.

2. Creation of the Darksaber

There was only one Darksaber ever made and its hilt was crafted using pure Beskar, which is a very dense element employed by the Mandalorians for many things- especially their armor.

This is because Beskar is regarded as indestructible and is one of the few known substances that can resist a lightsaber’s strike.

3. Symbolism


The Darksaber was a revered weapon of Mandalore, as many Mandalorians regarded it as a symbol of authority. According to Mandalorian tradition, the only way to gain possession of the Darksaber is to defeat its current owner.

4. The Darksaber’s Specifications

The Darksaber has a thin, black, single- blade that is curved to a point. Its hilt shape is rectangular and straight with a guard. The blade length is about 90 cm and the width is around 7.12 cm.

5. The Darksaber’s Ownership

Pre Vizsla

Pre Vizsla

As at the time of the Clone Wars, Pre Vizsla (who was the governor of Concordia) was in possession of the Darksaber. He wielded the Darksaber in a battle against Obi-Wan Kenobi, who escaped with Satine after he failed to stop him.

Pre Vizsla also used the Darksaber in combat with Ahsoka Tano (also during the Clone Wars) after her identity as an undercover Jedi was revealed. Like Kenobi, Ahsoka does manage to escape from Vizsla.

Darth Maul


After Darth Maul who was kept prisoner by Vizsla manages to escape, he set out to take possession of the Darksaber and Mandalore.

Maul challenges Vizsla to a duel where he was able to defeat and disarm Vizsla, thus, taking the Darksaber and Mandalore for himself.

Soon after, Darth Maul had to battle his old master Darth Sidious who bested and imprisoned him. He does, however, escape and take back Mandalore.

Sabine Wren’s

Sabine Wren’s

During Star Wars: Rebels, the Darksaber comes into the possession of Sabine Wren and she briefly uses it against Ezra Bridger while under the influence of a nightsister spirit.

Ezra, however, manages to use the Darksaber to destroy the alter from which the spirit emerged, thereby freeing Sabine from its influence.

Following this, Sabine takes the Darksaber and departs with Ezra Bridger and Kanan Jarrus.

Sabine goes on to lead an expedition to Mandalore where she also uses the Darksaber to free her father from Imperial imprisonment.



After freeing her father, Sabine offered the Darksaber to Bo-Katan, who she believed should be in charge of the resistance the Mandalorians were leading against the Empire.

Bo-Katan was resistant to taking the Darksaber at first, but she eventually embraced the idea after encouragement from others.

Bo-Katan loses control of the Darksaber and had to leave Mandalore but she remained determined to get the Darksaber and the Planet back.

Moff Gideon

DarkSaber moff Gideon

Following the Empire’s invasion of Mandalore, Moff Gideon gains control of the Darksaber, which leads Bo-Katan to search him out.

Around this time, Gideon also gets into conflict with Din Djarin and takes Grogu from him.

After finding out where Gideon was hiding Grogu, Djarin battles and defeats Gideon, making him the new owner of the Darksaber.

Din Djarin

After Djarin takes control of the Darksaber, he tries to return it back to Bo-Katan who refuses it.

Paz Vizsla eventually challenges Djarin for the Darksaber as he feels it is rightly his but Djarin narrowly defeats him. Djarin uses the Darksaber again in defense of Mos Espa after being called to aid Boba Fett.


Without a doubt, the Darksaber is one very unique lightsaber used in the Star Wars franchise. Its storied history, unique physical features and the interesting characters that have wielded it only serve to add to its legend.