Facts and Prevention Tips for Commonly Seen Hand and Arm Injuries

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There are a number of concerns that can result in injuries to parts of the arm and hand. The fingers, wrists, and elbows are all susceptible to injuries as a result of a direct blow or strike, overuse, or improper technique.

Knowing more about some of the most common injuries of the arm and hand can help you to avoid them in the future better.

Commonly seen injuries to the elbow

Injuries to the elbow are most often the result of overuse and repetitive motion. According to experts at https://www.theplasticsurgeryclinic.com.au/ , anyone who uses their arms to complete certain repetitive motions can be prone to developing an elbow injury, including non-athletes.

This list contains arm and hand injuries which are most commonly seen.

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  • Lateral epicondylitis, more often known as tennis elbow, results in inflamed tendons on the outside of the elbow. There can be a fair amount of pain associated with this condition.
  • Medial epicondylitis, most often referred to as golfer’s elbow can result in inflamed tendons located near the inside of the elbow. This is often the result of a bad golf swing technique.
  • Torn ulnar collateral ligament, most often seen in baseball players, takes a toll on the medial collateral ligament. This is the ligament responsible for stabilizing the elbow when it is used for throwing sports. It’s seen in athletes who participate in sports that include hockey, racket sports, baseball, javelin, and football.

Commonly seen injuries to the wrist and forearm

Injuries to the wrist and forearm are often as a result of a fall. These types of sprains or fractures can happen while taking part in any sport or activity. Fractures to the wrist are seen more often in sports that include soccer, football, skating, and skateboarding. Sprains to the wrist can also be seen when the wrist has been bent backward. This tears the ligament that connects the wrist bones.

Commonly seen injuries to the hand and fingers

Injuries to the hands and fingers can be caused by a number of incidents. They are commonly seen after incidents that take place during sporting and outdoor activities that include baseball, football, and rock climbing. A sprain to the thumb can occur when the thumb is pushed back with a lot of force, which then tears or stretches the ligaments. Sprains to the thumb are quite common in sports that involve the need to catch a ball.

Injuries to the tendons in the hands can be seen if the fingertips are injured. If the finger can’t be straightened or bent, after an injury, there is the possibility that the tendons have been torn or stretched.

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Treating common injuries to the hands, wrists and arms

The type of treatment that is recommended to injuries to the hands, wrists and arms will depend largely on the type of the injury.

Some of the most commonly used treatments include the following.

  • Resting and elevating the injured area
  • Using ice packs for 20 minute intervals
  • Cortisone injections
  • Immobilizing or splinting the injured area
  • Placing a cast in the event of a fracture

Surgery will be the recommended course of treatment if there are injuries to the tendon, or in order to treat a fracture or break that was not allowed to heal correctly.

Preventing common injuries

While some injuries are simply as the result of an accident, there are some steps that you can take in order to prevent some of them.

Perhaps the easiest step that you can take is to limit overuse of a tendon if you’ve noticed concerns with it. In many sporting activities, there is the potential for injuries resulting from overuse.

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If an injury does occur be sure that rest is encouraged until the injured area has been allowed to heal completely. Learn the proper techniques for any sporting activities that you are involved in, so that you can avoid the potential for injury.

It’s also important that you are in good shape for any type of sport or activity that you take part in. This will help to ensure that your body is conditioned for the activities that you are putting it through.