What Is The Best Finish For Interior Wood Doors?

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Trying to decide a wood finish that would look great for your interior doors? Unlike the exterior ones, the internal doors add a style element to your home. Hence, you may want one that not only lasts for a longer period but also looks beautiful. Brico Valera deals in some of the best quality wood doors for interior use.

When it comes to providing a final look to your wooden doors, numerous options are available, that include sealers, varnishes, stains and urethanes. The method of application varies with different door choices. You may have to brush the finish on one, spray on the other or even wipe it on others.

Moreover, providing a final look to a wooden door is both art and science. The final look is generally based on numerous factors. A few of such factors include humidity and temperature of the ambient, the kind of wood a finish is applied to, the number of coats applied, how old the finish is, etc. However, you will not have to worry about the various choices available. One of the best ways to pick the right choice for your door finish is by experimenting.

Finish Products Available for Interior Doors

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The wood option that you choose for your home depends on the intensity of protection that you desire for the interior door. Some other factors include, how easily it is applied, how adequately it will hold the wood surface and the final look that you want for your door.

Such products are classified into different categories depending on the degree of protection proposed and their working. The categories are; varnish, oil, lacquer, wax, and even some finishes that have a water base. The features of each options often differs based on the degrees, but should always check for the following characteristics:

  • Ease of Application.
  • The degree of protection.
  • Look and feel.
  • Durability.
  • Repairability.

Unfortunately, you will not find a single option which possesses all the above-stated qualities. Hence, you will have to pick one for your door that suits your requirement well. For instance, if you pick oil or wax ones, you will be surprised to see their application capability as they give a durable and elegant final look to the wooden surfaces, but neither of them is durable enough.

Durable Wood Finish for your Interior Door

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Above all, durability is the key criteria that you should look for in a wood option. The durability of these options depends on their resistance to chemicals, scratches, water, chemicals and heat. For instance, if you use lacquer, shellac or wax finishes, they are destroyed when exposed to water frequently. Also, they are more prone to scratches. From all the options used for the internal doors, a finish that is chemically cured, like the catalyzed urethane or lacquer is one of the best options as they are highly durable as well.

Some Interior Wood Door Finishes

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According to the Architectural Woodwork Standards, a few finishes are specified for the internal wooden doors. When specifying the internal wooden doors, their finish is determined based on their appearance. Let us go through a few most common types of wood finishes available.


It is one of the most popularly used finishes for wooden doors and is a kind of varnish. This type of finish is recommended for wooden surfaces that experience high traffic, such as the floor. The finish furnishes a resilient and rigid coating, after which the wooden surface can easily handle anything.

This is an excellent choice for your internal doors and also the woodwork that you have in your home. Polyurethane is the best choice for hard floors that need next-level protection but is not a good choice for coating your furniture.


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This traditional choice is most commonly used over the woodwork of conventional houses. When applied, the product behaves almost very similar to Polyurethane. However, the varnish is manufactured by petrochemicals, but Shellac is produced by using a resin that occurs naturally and is found in the lac bug. The procedure of producing Shellac is an easy one. The history of this wood finish is believed to stretch to ancient times.

The final look of this product is not similar to the ones provided by using polyurethane or lacquer, but shellac’s final look is also resilient. The best part of using a Shellac ones is that a new coating can easily be applied over the older one, and it will not look like the door has been repaired. Whenever a new coat is applied, it blends seamlessly with the initial look.

Internal Door Finishes Explained

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Protective Layer

Your door is unfinished without a protective layer of coating. It provides it with a protective layer so that it not only stays protected from harsh weather conditions but also gives an unique appearance. The door, even if it is located internally, goes through a lot of wear and tear, and suffers moisture as well. Hence, your finish must be able to protect it.

Apart from the above-stated finishes hard wax oils are another preferred category of finish for the interior door. The oil gets soaked into the wooden surface and the wax provides a hard layer. A wide variety of different options are available for people to choose from.

Different types and shades are available ranging from satin to matt types, and from darker to lighter shades. If the door is lighter in colour, a light varnish is recommended and vice versa. Wood ones will help you complete the most of the word works used in your home.


You have invested so much in it, and without the perfect look, the aesthetics will not come out as expected. Every option has its pros and cons and the choice depends greatly on the wood material.

Different categories impart different looks and levels of protection. They also come with different categories for people to choose from. Wood ones have an edge as they offer much more than just a layer of protective coating.