8 Best Free YouTube Converters In 2024

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You might have experienced with software some offline and some online, but all of them have failed to meet your set of expectations as the offline YouTube converter might have slowed down your system, or the problem with the online software had compromised your quality. Traumatized by the fact that your time has been wasted in a simple conversion procedure, you are looking for an online YouTube to mp4 converter that is free of cost and provides an efficient solution. Every day as you proceed in your life, there are some songs that you like the most and desire to have them in an mp3 file added to your music library, and they are available on YouTube. And you want a perfect YouTube converter that could get the job done for you. You don’t need to worry about it anymore as this article will guide you to explore a very potential online software in this regard. If you haven’t experienced this software yet, then you are going to be mesmerized by the features and utility that it could add to your conversion process.

List of YouTube converters for you

1. Ontiva

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When it comes to performing simple processes via the online platforms, you are definitely not ready for the conversions since you haven’t estimated the price for simple procedures like that, and you are definitely looking for a free of the cost conversion process. Now you have found one, Ontiva online YouTube converter is a perfect platform for you to have an extended experience without any hassle of payment. You can also compare the performance with other platforms as well, but you are going to stay on Ontiva at the end of the day for its brilliant conversion rates upholding quality standards.

You might be thinking about whether the process is completely free or not? To answer this question, I would like to say that this process is extremely dedicated to users’ experience; it would never ask you about payments as you convert and download your media file. This is the primary feature that distinguishes Ontiva from the rest of the online YouTube converter platforms as you can have an unlimited number of downloads using this balanced utility software; there is nothing to worry about the file size and number of conversions restrictions. Ontiva online YouTube converter has got you covered since, at Ontiva, you can have ads free conversions. You are not redirected to ads; rather, your entire process is scheduled smoothly.

Signing up costs you time and also increases the risk of information breach that is why Ontiva is offering you an anonymous online YouTube converter where nothing is recorded or traced so you can perform your conversions with a matchless algorithm designed to speed up the conversion process. Another thing that concerns you is the security risks when exposed to online platforms Ontiva clarifies that it has built a sophisticated mechanism in which only the required file is downloaded to your device without any malware or virus attachments.

2. BestVideoConverter.net

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This online YouTube converter provides you with a feature that you can convert your media files directly from YouTube into mp3 and mp4 formats and many others as well. This one place is offering you to edit your files online and also provides you with cloud support to upload your files directly to OneDrive or Dropbox, and it is supported for all types of operating systems.

3. Mpgun

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This online platform has a very simple layout to simply convert your files as fetched from YouTube, for a serene user experience you must visit this site, you can convert your HD video files with a lot easier process at here, and they are faster and also provides you with the utility to record screen, compress, cut, trim, crop and merge. Also being a versatile video editing platform.

4. VDownloader

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This is a brilliant offline YouTube converter software designed by Softonic, and it has the built-in features embedded required for perfect conversion and editing, also using this software you can fetch and convert files from hundreds of streaming platforms like Instagram, Facebook, NBA, Tumblr, Flickr, Vimeo, Twitch, Twitter, and many others.

5. Free Online Converter

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This platform is readily available at your disposal that can convert media files into different formats like mp4 and mp3 formats. Furthermore, you can convert your files by fetching URLs from any video streaming service and can get a converted file. This platform is distinguished from the fact that it can reduce your file size efficiently without compromising the video quality.

6. BigConverter

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This online YouTube converter can convert and download your media files rapidly into different audio and video formats tailored to your needs, it is free of cost platform, and there is no limitation to the size of the file on this platform. It also provides a feature that you can use to edit your files, and it also provides you with cloud support. And all types of OS are supported here.

7. Vidpaw

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Among others, YouTube converters vidpaw is renowned because it allows you to convert and download unlimited numbers of files. You have to select the output format, and click download your video will be automatically converted and downloaded to your storage device. You can convert and download from more than 1000 websites using this online website. You do not have to sign up, and it supports many formats of various types strictly tailored to your needs.

8. Y2MP3

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As the name suggests this online platform directly converts your media files from YouTube to mp3, this platform also supports more than 1000 video streaming platforms, the process is completely free and if you are looking to increase the volume of your music library then definitely this platform for you to explore. The professional outlook is also mesmerizing and easy to work with.


From these online YouTube converter’s amazing popularity, conversion services are matchless. Professionals highly recommend it as it is a smooth transition process and is free of cost. Considering the traffic and enhancing users’ experience, all these platforms have announced an Android app to be launched. These brilliant online tools would be your first and last choice for an online converter.