The House of Your Dreams – 2024 Guide

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Having a home is, for most of us, the main goal of our life. We work hard for it, and we feel we have succeeded in our life once we sign the document of ownership. Having a house is a visible sign of status, the material proof of success, and the promise of a happy life. After we bought it, comes the fun part of customizing it. Giving our personality and decorate it according to our taste, make it look beautiful and comfortable.

For some of us, it’s complicated and troublesome, but stay calm, nobody is pressing you. This is just for yourself. See some pictures on the internet; check the different styles, art-Deco, vintage, minimalist, rococo, Bauhaus, Nordic, the possibilities are endless. If all of them please, mix them harmonically or pick the elements you like about every one of them and create your own style.

Designing your house

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Most people, after they buy their house, would redesign it according to their preferences. It means, according to their taste, they will build every part of the house with a specific style, giving personality and obviously, a pinch of elegance. Of course, everybody wants their house to be the most beautiful.

Actually, you can find many different styles that evolve over the years. Each style is designed for each person; in other words, you will find a perfect combination that will match with your personality.

Knowing this, one of the most popular interior designs for houses in the Nordic Style. You can give your home a really decorative and elegant personality, involved in a comfortable place where you will feel the peace and calm. This is a classic interior design that offers their users a special contact with nature. That is the principal reason why the Nordic House offers an attractive place.

It is also known as the Scandinavian style. The origin of this is given by Nordic countries as Denmark and Sweden’s and actually is considered as one of the most popular around the world because it is basic and comfortable. The principal objective of this kind of style is to offer use to things. It means you won’t see at home decorative objects that won’t have any specific use.

How to decorate your house with a Nordic Style

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Decorating with this kind of style can be simple if you already know about their principal characteristics. We already know white is one of the most elegant colors, no matter what, if you use this color, you surely will have a remarkable presentation. That’s why white is prevalent in Nordic Style.

The persons who implement this kind of style should know the principal details like walls, ceiling and maybe the floor, will be white. Sometimes, they use wallpaper to cover a specific wall. Also, it is common to use other colors like gray or beige. Others use brown, but it is to give their house darkness and depth. Some details made with brilliant colors like orange, apple green, yellow, or ocean blue make interior amazing. It depends on the proprietary.

The Nordic Style is based in white, so it is really common to use natural light for the windows. Also, according to the weather, they use a lot of textiles to give comfort and warmth to the place. The furniture is simple and short with lines. They use white furniture combined with brown or wood tables, to preserve harmony.

Your personality and the contact with nature

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The most relevant aspect of this kind of design is its perfect harmony with nature.

Also, you can give to your Nordic Style a really personal characteristic without losing harmony with nature and style. We could say it is really common to see mosaics in this kind of house. It means you can use an entire wall to offer attractive artwork.

But, if you are not really sure about this, you can search for examples on the internet. There are a lot of stores that give you examples like Antic Colonial that are specialized in this topic. Nevertheless, if you want to keep the essence of the Nordic Style, you can do the mosaic with natural wood.

Surely you will ask about this, but you can replace a picture and put a mosaic. The natural wood lets you have harmony and conserve the essence of the style. So, wood mosaics could be a nice option to give some personality to your house. It’s your project, never forget being comfortable and happy with it.

Other uses of wood in decoration

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Wood has an enormous variety of types; each one has its particular and unique color and texture, giving to every one of them a personality that could match with your decoration.

A long time ago, houses were made entirely of wood. Now with concrete and other materials, the use of wood has been relegated to old houses and rural cabins. We can retrieve the wood and use it in our house to give life and natural touch to it.

Wood can give to your house soul and personality, using it not only in tables and doors, preserving its color and texture, but in frames and panels, as a way to separate spaces putting between them a wall made of wood. Furniture in wood never gets out of fashion, and it’s always elegant, from libraries to decorative wall racks we could use as a usable piece of art.

Wood versatility can help us even to save space at home; a lot of houses have hollow stairs that fulfill two uses, in one way they are the stairs that connect two floors of the house, and in the other way the hollow space between or under them is used as storage in the form of shelves or drawers, this is the best example of the great use of wood, combining utility, decorative value, and space-saving.