How To Strengthen Your Knees

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It is never good to feel pain in your knees or to have weak knees altogether, especially when you are constantly working out. There are various factors that cause the weakness of knees. The first one is a weak quadriceps. These muscles are located on the leg and at its front and at its side. Why is this muscle important? Well, this is the muscle that keeps us standing straight and if it is weak, we would have knee pains since they would suffer a lot of pressure. The second reason for weak knees is weak glutes. Why? Believe it or not, knees and gluteus need to be harmonized and rotate in the same direction when running, otherwise, they would go opposite and create chaos. Finally, weak claves also create a lot of problems since the calves act as a kind of absorber. So, here is some exercise that will make your knees stronger. 

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1. Straight Leg Raises 

This may be surprising to you, but this is one of the best exercises. You simply need to lie on your back, straighten your legs and lift them in the air. It is important to keep your toes directed towards your head and the foot should be 6 inches high from the floor. The timing should be 3-5sec. and it should be done in 10-20 repetitions. If you feel like you can do more, you can add weights. In this way, you can exercise quadriceps but knees would not be hurt, and it is very important to make your quadriceps stronger since it would act as an absorber and thus protect a knee.  

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2. Glute Bridges 

This exercise is very good sine the emphasis is put on the entire lower part of the body and its strengthening. How is it done? You should lie on the floor and the legs should be put apart and bent in the knee area, but hey should be kept in line with your hips. You should raise your lower part of the body and this should be done in 10-15 repetitions.  

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3. Knee Marches 

This is one of the easiest yet most helpful exercises for strengthening your knees. How is it done? You would need a chair (or you can lay on the floor) and you should sit on it and keep your back straight while the feet are on the floor. Then, you should raise your leg, one at a time, and keep it bent in its knee while raising it to the chests. This should be done in 20-30 repetitions. You can even put weights around your ankles if this is easy for you.  

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4. Clams  

Clams are important so that you can strengthen your gluteus and thus your knees. The exercise is done by lying on side and head is leaned against the arm. The hips should be bent at the angle of 45 degrees and the knees at 90 degrees, the leg is then raised in the air and the toes should not be separated. This is done in 10-15 repetitions.  

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5. Heel Raises 

Well, we need to be honest and say that this is the easiest one and it can be done everywhere, literally, and these are good for strengthening calves and thus strengthening absorption. The only thing you should do is stand straight and raise up in 10-20 repetitions for 1-2 sec each.  

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6. Sit-to-Stand 

This is a form of a squat. You need either a chair or a stool and it is good for working on the entire lower part of your body. How is it done? You should sit, keep feet on the floor and then stand up in a squat position and then return back to your seat in 10-15 repetitions. You can even hold weights in your hands.  

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7. Single-Leg Squat onto Bench 

This is done in the following manner: you sit with one leg raise up and then stand up but do not lower that leg on the floor or move it, and then repeat that with the other leg. Do this for 10-15 times.  

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8. Wall Squats 

Well, it is pretty much self-explanatory: lean your back straight against the wall, and do squats like this, by holding for about 20-30sec and in 2-3 repetitions. 

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9. Deadlifts 

You should stand in a standing position and have either weights or dumbbells.  After this, you should bend in the forward direction and pick up the dumbbells while making your body straight, and do this in 10-15 times.