How to Write a Resignation Letter to your Boss?

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Resignation letter is a kind of professional letter which an employee has to submit before you leave the job. Resignation letter is very essential for your boss so that he has to hire a new candidate in your replacement and it is never an easy task. Recruiting and training a new candidate takes a huge time. As such the resignation letter can play a great role in ensuring a smooth transition for your next journey as well as recruiting a suitable candidate on due time. This is the reason it is always necessary for every employee to send the resignation letter to his/her boss for conveying the decision of quitting the job. In this article, we have come up with some essential tips that will help you to write an effective professional resignation letter. But still, if you need the template and samples you can check it here on The following are those tips:

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Inserting the contact information: In the resignation letter you should rightly place the following key contact information:

Personal Details: It is necessary to give your name, your address, your contact number and email id in the top-left corner of the letter.
Date: It is also necessary to specify the date of the day when you will submit the letter

Manager Details: It is also required to write the name of your boss, his designation, the name, and address of the company.

Using proper salutation: One biggest requirement of a resignation letter is to use proper salutation while submitting a resignation letter to the boss. In the resignation letter, you actually start a conversation with your boss though proper salutation and so it should be perfect. If the beginning is not perfect the whole letter lost its value. So you should write

‘Dear’ followed by his First or Last name.

The first paragraph of the letter: In the first paragraph, you should state your name, position, the name of the company. After that, you should directly state the decision of your resignation. However, it is not mandatory to mention the reason for taking the decision. It is very essential to directly specify your last working day as it is only when the company will be able to start the transition plan of training, hiring and covering formalities for the impending departure.

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The second paragraph of the letter: In the second paragraph it is important to appreciate your job and your boss in order to show your professionalism and graciousness. No matter for whatever reason you had taken the decision of quitting your job you must praise your boss. Even if you hate your job and boss still you must say “thank you” in this section of resignation letter.

The third paragraph of the letter: In the third paragraph you must tell your boss to let you know if they need any kind of assistance from your side during the transition period. The moment you send your resignation letter to your boss he will need to fill your position. Even if he does not get the fittest candidate he will have to do your duties and hence it will become an added pressure for your boss. So, as a formality, you should tell your boss to let you know if he wants any kind of help from you in this transition period.

Concluding paragraph: Lastly, it is also important to conclude the letter by using a proper closing term such as ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Thanking You’ or ‘Best Wishes’ or ‘Regards’. After that, you should put your name and signature before ending the letter.