Introduction to Microsleep and its effect on health – Causes and treatment

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Sleeping is one of the absolutely most important things that we need to provide our bodies with during the night.

Not many people know or care about this, but the perfect conditions for sleeping that allow your body to be fully rested are the following ones: Sleeping in a dark room, without any light source such as a TV or a computer screen interrupting you, quiet environment with no sudden loud noises that might take you out of your sleep, and preferably going to bed with half-empty stomach and enough hydration for the night.

If you manage to fulfill all of these, you will get a safe and sound sleep, just like your body requires, and you will not be a victim of Microsleep, which is a condition that we’re talking about in today’s article. Let’s take a look.

What is Microsleep?

Microsleep is when your brain shuts off all switches for just a second, or sometimes a few seconds, in order to get some emergency rest which is required for replenishing the energy that the body is currently lacking. If you are working a desk job and you are in front of your computer for most of the time, Microsleep cannot really harm you as much, but it can definitely mess up with your workflow and reduce your concentration by a lot.

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However, if you are working as a driver, whether a Taxi one or a truck driver, Microsleep can be a serious safety hazard, and the main cause of a fatal car accident. Of course, we don’t want this happening to any of you out there, so let’s take a look at some of the things that we can do in order to prevent this.

The best way to prevent Microsleep from happening is by getting enough rest throughout each night, but if that’s something you failed to do, you can try and purchase an anti-microsleep bracelet. This is just a regular bracelet except it has a heart-rate and blood-pressure measuring system, and if it senses that you’re falling asleep it sends very small electroshock to your body which instantly wakes you up. It might not sound as fascinating, but it saved a lot of lives on the road, and it’s definitely a great investment.

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As for the health effects of Microsleep, it cannot really harm you except by making you feel really bad from all the constant “merging” from your dreams into the real world. Sometimes you can be so tired that you can start “daydreaming” on your working spot, and this can increase the chances of making a mistake. Imagine working at a flight-control facility, and you start experiencing microsleep episodes at a crucial moment when you need to inform the pilots of two planes running into each other. The result can be fatal and you should always be at the top of your performance if you have a job that’s similar to this one. By using the tips that we provided at the beginning of this article, you will be able to get high-quality sleep and eliminate the chances of Microsleep happening. Also, if you are still feeling very tired throughout your day, you can try using a stimulant such as Vivarin Gum caffeine.

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