Crypto Casinos: The Pros and Cons of Playing With Cryptocurrency


Free time is one of the most important things in our life and it’s paramount that we utilize it to our fullest whenever we have any. Different people like to do different things and one of the most popular options has always been poker. Of course, not everyone has the time to go to a casino in person so thankfully there are online options now. Though there are new kinds of online casinos popping up and we want to cover them. We’ll go through what crypto poker is, how to play it, and everything else that you need to know to decide if blockchain poker is the right choice for you or if you’d rather stick to the classic version.

What is crypto poker?


Simply defined, crypto poker is online poker where all of the payments are made with cryptocurrency. While this at first glance might seem like a minor change that isn’t worth it if you don’t already own cryptocurrency there is actually far more depth to it than you may think. While the change itself is pretty minor, there are many different things that it ends up changing in the end which will make the experience far better in the end.

At the end of the day, we’re looking to play poker so it’s good that it doesn’t change the game itself, but rather is mostly improving the systems surrounding the core game. This way we can enjoy the same game that we love but with less hassle in the downtime between games.

Privacy improvements

One of the biggest things that crypto poker improves is the level of privacy that players have. While most poker sites aren’t malicious and won’t purposefully use your information for nefarious deeds, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be some sort of data leak that lets the info get into the wrong hands. It wouldn’t be the first time that this has happened to an online poker site.

With crypto payments, you don’t need to give pretty much any of your information to the site which allows you to stay far more private and secure. Considering how difficult privacy is to come by online in the past few years it’s important to utilize any source of it as efficiently as possible. If you exclusively play on crypto poker sites then you’ll have far lower chances of your info being leaked than on regular poker sites.

Faster transactions


Another big benefit when it comes to crypto casinos is the fact that all crypto payments are fast and will usually beat out regular card payments by a large margin. On some poker sites and with some banks you may need to wait a few days after withdrawing your winnings to actually use them, but with cryptocurrencies, you can use them almost immediately which is a big benefit.

While this may not come into play that often as a lot of the time you don’t necessarily need the money to be available immediately it’s still a nice thing to have just in case. The less waiting time you have for these things the more smooth the experience will be and that’s pretty much the spirit of crypto poker and of course, crypto casinos in general, increased privacy, no fuss, and no waits.


It’s also worth noting that crypto casinos in general try to have as many innovations as possible and this leads to them trying out various things which can be quite fun. While not all of them end up being good or working out in the end, it does lead to various fun projects such as the fact that most crypto casinos are looking into VR now and it has the potential to be incredible and vastly improve the experience.



While there are many positives to crypto poker, it is true that it’s a bit of a pain to get into if you don’t already own cryptocurrencies. The process for getting them isn’t too lengthy but it can be a bit daunting or confusing for those who are new to these things and it is true that this increases the barrier to entry somewhat. If you can get over this issue however it is a big improvement.


While crypto poker isn’t that different from regular poker it has a couple of improvements that vastly increase the quality of the game and make it so that the player’s time is respected more which we vastly enjoy. We hope that this has led you to give it a shot and see if it’s right for you.