How to Reduce The Impact You Have on the Environment

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We have seen more and more shocking evidence coming to light in recent years that has reinforced the belief of many that the planet is not in very good shape and it is time that we took action to reverse the effects of climate change. In the last few months alone we have seen places like Antarctica record some of its highest-ever temperatures as well as witnessing the devastating bushfires in Australia, most likely as a result of rising temperatures as well.

It was my good friend Reddy Kancharla who first spoke to me about how we could make changes in our daily lives to help reduce our impact on the planet and to try and make a difference. Reddy has long felt very eco-conscious and he has helped to inspire me to be exactly the same. If you would like to make changes in your life but you aren’t exactly sure what you can be doing in order to help, here are some tips on how you can reduce the impact that you have on the environment.

Plastic Usage

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Despite our best intentions the fact of the matter is that 75% of all plastic that we use ends up in the sea or in a landfill. Whilst massive numbers of us try our best to recycle as much plastic as we can, the process of recycling that we have in place simply cannot recycle all of the plastic which we are using. The simple solution, therefore, is to massively reduce the amount of plastic, especially single-use, that we are using each day.

This can be very simple to do in our day-to-day lives, you could use a reusable water bottle, use linen bags to carry things instead of plastic bags and avoid buying food and snacks which come in single-use plastic containers. When plastic is dumped in landfill it gradually biodegrades, very slowly, and releases poisonous toxins into the atmosphere, when it goes to the sea, it is a known killer of marine life.

Energy Usage

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The burning of fossil fuels is another key contributor to the negative impact which humans have had on the planet and in reducing how much energy you use at home you can help in minimizing how much further damage we do. This is much easier to do than people make out and all it requires is you switching lights off when they are not in use, putting additional clothing on instead of using the heating, remembering to switch off gadgets when you are not using them and open windows instead of putting the AC on. These small changes will make a huge impact and they will not only be beneficial for the planet, but they will also help you to save money on your monthly energy bill.

Car Usage

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If you drive a car then you should be aware of the massive damage that this is also doing to the environment, unless you drive an electric car that is. If not then it is time that you really started to pay attention to how often you use the car and whether or not it is completely necessary that you do. There are so many options that you have instead of using your car for every journey, you could take a pushbike, you could walk, carpool or even use public transport. The fewer cars and vehicles which we have on the roads, the better of the planet will be.

Buying Local

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Food miles is another big contributor to damaging the planet becasue we are currently flying fruits, vegetables, and meats all over the world. Think about the next time that you eat beef from Argentina or pears from Israel, those foods will have racked up thousands of miles to get to your plate which means that gallons and gallons of airplane fuel will have been used in the process. In order to minimize your contribution to food miles, one of the best things that you can do is to buy local produce. In doing this you may be limiting your options but you will be able to support the local economy and enjoy some fresh produce which has been grown right on your doorstep, minimizing the negative impact which food miles have on the planet.

These are just 4 tips on how you can help to reduce the damage which we are doing to the environment. There is much more beyond this that is needed of course but this would be a perfect start for you to make and it will absolutely make a clear difference. The only additional thing to ensure that you do is spread the word so that everyone can start the following suit.