Six Things You Never Knew about Skydiving

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For all of those adventure seekers out there that love to have a good time while experiencing a thrilling adventure, skydiving is a great activity to consider. Although you may think you know all there is to know about skydiving, there are many things to consider before taking that giant plunge! Six things you never knew about the fun and thrilling sky diving adventure is that it really isn’t as dangerous as you may think, it can be rather addicting, It is visually and mentally stimulating, not everyone falls at the same pace, It doesn’t feel like your even falling, and skydivers use an automatic deployment trigger for their parachute.

  • Is it really that dangerous?

It’s true that skydiving is not for the faint of heart but one largely believed misconception about it is how dangerous it really is. With the new safety features and amount of training and qualifications needed in order to be a skydiving assistant, the number of accidents and fatalities have reduced significantly. Statistically speaking, skydiving is safer than driving to work every day, or even getting stung by a bee as more fatalities have occurred by means of cars and insect bites.

  • Skydiving is Addicting

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Something that may not have ever crossed your mind about skydiving is just how addicting it can be. The adrenaline rush is what makes this activity so exhilarating but also what makes it addicting. Just as you would get an adrenaline high from exercising, skydiving is no different making it something that you would want to keep going back for more over and over again.

  • Visual and Mental Stimulation

While skydiving you will be overcome with visual and mental stimulation, making this a ride of your lifetime. Not only will your eyes be amazed as what beauty you can see from way high in the sky, but mentally your mind will feel out of the body. At Monterey Bay, San Francisco you will get some of the best views in the United States with easy access and convenience. Home of the highest skydive jump, and longest free fall in the world this is a great place for skydive adventurers.

  • Falling is not always in Sync

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It might come as a surprise to you but not everybody ends up falling at the same pace. Depending on weight, size, and style of fall, the speed at which someone is falling may vary greatly from person to person. This is why synchronized falling and falling with a partner is very difficult to achieve and is not an easy task.

  • Skydiving doesn’t Even Feel Like your Falling

When your body is free-falling through the air, it is surprising to somehow much it feels like floating rather than falling. Your body feels weightless and you don’t even realize your falling but rather feel like your flying. This is a really cool experience and the feeling of floating throughout the air will make your mind soar. So instead of the expected roller-coaster type of fall you may be predicting to feel, it is much smoother and more comfortable feeling than that.

  • Automatic Deployment of Parachutes

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Something else you may not realize about skydiving is that skydivers have automatic deployment triggers that allow for a safe and easy ride. With an automatic parachute deployment mechanism, you are making for less room for human error and 99.9% guarantee that your parachute will open up correctly allowing for a safe landing. This new technology takes most of the risk out of the activity and creates a more relaxing and enjoyable ride for the divers.

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