4 Important Social Media Management Tips For Small Businesses in 2024

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Social networks were created for the purpose of entertainment and to connect people with friends, acquaintances, and people around the world in general. On the other hand, marketing and business managing has grown and developed with time and became modern, just like many other things. This is why social media like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn turned into such a popular way of communication and advertising today. They are valuable for spheres of any size or industry – which could be seen as one of their greatest advantages.

And that’s definitely not all –  finding potential customers through this channel has a direct impact on increasing brand awareness, communication, collecting leads, site visits, and, the most important – sales. All of these are reasons why a business account on some or all of those networks is worth trying. Small entrepreneurs often don’t have enough resources to hire someone to run social networks, so they rely on agencies, professionals or try to do it alone with more or less success.

As we know, creating an account on social networks is quite easy and simple. However, running a good and profitable campaign that will increase the visibility of your brand and earn you extra money – well, only the best know how to do it and prosper. Wanna be one of those? Let’s get you there.

Create more than compelling content

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Admit it yourself – how many times have you clicked on an ad or “read more” after just a glance at an interesting Instagram post? How many times, while scrolling through your feed, were you drawn to an unusual sentence that made you want to go into the profile and check it out? Yes – this happens more often than you think without even being aware of it. This happens due to the special talent for writing a good text or post on the social network, which will then appear on millions of other home pages and make thousands, and perhaps millions, of people have ‘a second look’.

So, you understand what you need to do – do your best to always deliver absorbing and catchy lines that will attract the attention of potential customers. This means posting great visual content (good quality photos, animations or videos) and have an appropriate text that will follow. Use these lines to inform people about offers, promotions, innovations related to your job.

Post content regularly

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Okay, so, not only do you need to have a great story – you also need to get your readers, fans or customers used to those goodies – this will never make them want to click ‘unfollow’ or dislike. The combination of these two rules is essential for increasing the traffic on your social media profiles and awakening more interest in people who bump into your posts.

So, what does it mean to post regularly? We can tell you what it doesn’t mean – to spam your followers or page fans with zillions of photos or posts during the day. If you do that, you’re really, really likely to get unfollowed, ‘hidden’ or sometimes even blocked. Why would you risk it? Sometimes it’s better not to write anything or upload any photos if you don’t feel like that’s the best you can offer at the moment.

However, uploading content once a week or even more rarely won’t make any good results either. Your fans or followers will forget that you exist at all – and that’s something you don’t want to let happen. If you’re not sure that you’ll be able to remember to upload your ads or other material due to other assignments and obligations, there are services and tools that can make this easier. Kontentino.com is one of them – the subscription is really cheap, but you get much.

Track the statistics

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How else would you know what your followers like? Instagram accounts have quite a useful feature – the possibility to build a special, business account. Even if you originally created your account as a regular one, you can always switch it to the other option, and this is where you find a whole bunch of options that aren’t accessible out of this mode. You’ll be able to check how many people have shared or saved your post, and to see the statistics related to the followers who interact with your profile the most.

Tracking the age and the part of the day when your profile is most visited is another useful characteristic – and it’s definitely not the only one. Having in mind what people like and what captures their attention the most will be a good signpost and you’ll know which tactics work best and what your followers like seeing on your profile.

Use your account to communicate with your clients

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Social networks enable faster and easier correspondence with clients, users and consumers, and more companies upgrade their businesses or find new work partners through them with each passing day. Because of all this, communication performed through your profile is extremely important. It’s necessary to respond to all comments, whether positive or negative and to all queries you receive via inbox or your mail address.

Although it’s an account related to your job, it’s still public, and it’s necessary for communication to be in that manner. You need to take care about the tone and the way of addressing your customers – it needs to be friendly, but yet objective and not to sound too relaxed or too strict. And the crucial part – always be a relevant source and give correct pieces of information, without misleading.


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It’s worth mentioning once again that the progress of a particular career depends not only on you but also on the niche you’re dealing with and your way of treating it. Also, the time it takes to realize and increase your chances for improvement simply can’t be predicted. In any case, we believe that following these steps will help you grow your business.

Of course, there are numerous different tips and tricks on how to make your work plans or your sale functionate better thanks to this channel. This is only a tiny part – things to start from. Don’t forget that networks can be of great assistance and change so many things in the way your business flows – the only thing you need to achieve is using them in the right way.