Take the Risk with These Dynamic Lipsticks

Everyone knows that matte nude lips are ideal for day time and that a bold red lip can elevate any evening look — these lip shade choices are classic for a reason. That said, sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and opt for a unique lip to make your look pop.

Lipstick has come a long way considering it was once made of sheep sweat, animal fat and ox marrow— but it’s not just its ingredients that have changed. Lipsticks are now offered in more and more unique colors, shimmers and texture, and it’s up to you to identify that unique shade that will help you make a statement.

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If you are on the hunt for a lipstick that will take your look to the next level, get more information about PAUL & JOE BEAUTE and other dynamic brands that boast collections with unique, game-changing lip products ranging from lipsticks, to cases to bold lip finishes.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try some unique lip products:

PAUL & JOE BEAUTE’s Dance Dance Disco

This limited item is available in dynamic fuchsia and red hues, but its bold factor comes from the fact that they are cat-shaped lipsticks.

If you’re afraid of going a little too over the top with these shades, there is also a white one available that’s perfect to put over any bold color to slightly mute it.

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LIPSTICK QUEEN’s Black Lace Rabbit Lipstick

Not sure how to pull off black lipstick? Take a small step forward with this translucent black shade with a fine gold shimmer.

The sheer black color gives the illusion of wearing black lace on your lips, making it perfect for a dynamic and unique evening look.

When worn by itself, it acts as a smoky veil over your natural lip color but provides a smoky tint when worn over top another shade.

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