The Best Lighting Designer in Lebanon


In the world of architectural aesthetics and interior design, lighting holds a position of unparalleled significance. Did you know that a well-designed lighting system can increase productivity in workplaces by up to 20% and enhance the perceived value of a property by 12%? Lighting has the power to transform spaces, evoke emotions, and enhance functionality. Among the multitude of lighting designers and suppliers in Lebanon, there stands one exceptional name – Moonlight Architectural Squad Qatar (MASQ).

MASQ, founded in Qatar in 2005, is dedicated to delivering eco-conscious architectural lighting design and control solutions for a wide array of projects spanning Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and the broader MENA region. Their expertise revolves around the core principles of sustainability, which include environmental consciousness, social impact, and economic viability.

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on all the reasons that position MASQ as the best player on the lighting design game.

Vision and Expertise


What sets MASQ apart from the competition is its unwavering commitment to artistic vision and unparalleled expertise. With a team of over 15 highly skilled and creative professionals, they have consistently delivered innovative lighting solutions for more than 200 across 3 different countries. These projects span the residential, commercial, and public sectors, showcasing their versatile abilities.

Their dedication to understanding the unique needs of each project, combined with an eye for detail, ensures that every design and product they offer is nothing short of exceptional.

Architectural Lighting Design

MASQ’s architectural lighting designs are a testament to their ability to seamlessly merge functionality and aesthetics. Their portfolio includes notable projects like the award-winning “Al Janoub Stadium” which hosted the 2022 FIFA World Cup. For this project, MASQ made use of cutting-edge lighting solutions to enhance the stadium’s modern design and functionality.

Whether it’s transforming a lavish villa, or illuminating a high-end restaurant, MASQ brings their creative touch to every project. Their lighting designs have graced more than 200 spaces, creating atmospheres of warmth, sophistication, and style.

Comprehensive Product Range


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MASQ’s commitment to being the best doesn’t stop at design alone. They are also leading suppliers of lighting products, including more than 500 innovative lighting controls, BMS solutions, fire alarm systems, domotics, and home automation technologies. Their products have been installed in various commercial and residential projects, ensuring both quality and functionality.

A Beacon of Excellence

When you engage MASQ, you are not just hiring a lighting designer; you are partnering with a beacon of excellence in the world of lighting and automation. Their extensive portfolio of over 200 projects and their contributions to the lighting industry in Lebanon speak volumes about their expertise and creativity.

Experience the transformative power of lighting design and to work with the best lighting designer in Lebanon. Discover how they can bring your architectural visions to life, adding a touch of brilliance to your spaces.