The Top 4 Trends That will Drive Online Marketing in 2024

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The online industry has been growing exponentially for the past few years. In the past, particularly, the industry witnessed a level of growth never seen before. It is expected that 2024 will be an even better year for online marketers. With security issues finally being ironed out and the online landscape evened for healthier competition; expect a beehive of activity in 2024.

But a few things will also change in the way people do business online. Here are a few trends to expect as the year progresses.

1. Video ad dominance

While video ads are nothing new having been around for the better part of the past decade, the ads will go through the roof in 2024. The reason is that in addition to Facebook and YouTube, which are currently the biggest platforms for video advertising, Google is finally getting on board with its SERP video advertising. Imagine videos ads every time someone searches on Google!

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2. The explosion of apps resulting mainly from app indexing

Google has been doing app indexing for a while but app marketers/developers haven’t appeared to take it seriously. As more apps come into the market and the advantages of an app ranking favorably are realized, expect these marketers/developers to take keener interest. They will be working harder to get their apps to the top of search result pages. Don’t be too surprised if apps are replacing mobile websites at the end of the year.

3. Mobile to completely dominate desktop

Mobile overtook desktop in 2014 as the preferred option for accessing the internet. And, in 2015, we saw a mobile move from strength to strength as more people acquire smartphones. We also saw Google release the Mobilegeddon algorithm in 2015 which kind of tells us that they see mobile becoming even more dominant. At the very least, more purchases will be made on mobile than on desktop in 2024.

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4. Breaking new grounds with digital assistants

Alongside an internet marketing merchant account which you can get from companies such as EMB, one other thing internet marketers will need in 2024 is a digital assistant. We have already seen Siri and Cortana but there is more on the way. As a business owner, what you need to be doing currently is to ensure that your business information is easily accessible to these assistants.

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