Top 10 Worst Ways To Lose Weight 

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At some point, we all tried to lose weight by following trendy diets which are empowered by amazing before and after pictures. There are many different theories and people usually don’t know who to listen to. 

Because of this confusion, the experts came in to clear it up. This text will help you lose weight in a healthy way and you won’t end up being hungry all the time! 

10 nutritionists described the strangest diets they found


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The baby food diet 

This diet turned out to be completely pointless- baby food consists of pureed fruits, vegetables, and meat which makes it unsuitable for losing weight. Another disadvantage is that after eating liquid food you will be hungry quite soon again despite eating a sufficient amount of calories. 

Solution: Try to eat more fruits and vegetables which are rich in nutrients but low in calories. Controlling a portion is also important, and also eating plant food such as whole grains and beans is quite healthy. 

The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet 

This diet is all about drinking a glass of apple cider vinegar three times a day, one before each meal, in which cayenne pepper and honey are also added. This is actually extremely bad for our organism because of the spices and acidity, especially for people who have irritable bowel syndrome or gastroesophageal reflux disease. There could be other bad consequences, such as gas pains. 

Solution: A much better idea would be to drink water or herbal tea before eating. 

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The HCG Diet 

This diet is based on taking a human chorionic gonadotropin supplement, which isn’t approved by the FDA for weight loss. It also restricts calories to 500 per day which should be taken in only two meals. Each meal consists of lean meat, one piece of toast, fruits, and vegetables. This diet is noticeably deficient in calories, vitamins, proteins, and fat. 

Solution: Quite these fast solutions. They are unhealthy and cannot solve the problem in a long run. Instead, try to change your lifestyle just a bit. 

The Military Diet 

This diet is based on eating highly calorie-restricted meals for three days. For example, hot dogs and cottage cheese are recommended. Then the next four days you eat whatever you want. This diet is scientifically unapproved. 

Solution: Your body will transform much better if you choose a weight-loss plan which isn’t based on slashing intake of different food groups. 

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The Air Diet 

Most people find this diet simply crazy. You are supposed to hold an empty fork and imagine eating tasty food. This can lead to eating disorders and also lowers your metabolism. 

Solution: If you crave for something you know is unhealthy, try to find a healthy replacement instead of avoiding the meal. 

The Tapeworm Diet 

The idea of this diet is that you ingest a tapeworm so it feeds on the food you are eating. This way you don’t absorb the calories and after some time the warm leaves your body through the digestive tracts. This is potentially dangerous because the warm is a parasite and it can be difficult to remove. It could also move to other parts of the body and cause different diseases.  

Solution: Choose groceries that are low in carbs, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. This way you can lose weight even without a warm. 

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The Low-Fat Diet 

Avoiding fat isn’t good for us in a long term run. It can cause cravings and promote fat storage.  

Solution: Fat isn’t something that should be avoided! It is better to choose low-fat food, such as sweetened yogurt or yogurt with whole milk and fruit, than to quit eating fat. A suitable meal also could be a salad with olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice. This is good because it helps the body absorb fat-soluble vitamins. 

The Clay Diet 

This diet requires stirring clay into a glass of water, which is supposed to clear your gut of toxins. However, this diet could be dangerous because a regular consummation of clay could lead to damaging the lining of intestines. 

Solution: Our bodies are able to detoxify itself, by our liver and kidneys, and we can make it easier by choosing a balanced diet. 

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The Alkaline Diet 

This diet suggests that people should avoid acidic foods, as well as fish, eggs, processed food, and alcohol. Supporters of this method say that sticking to alkane foods will make the body alkane, so by following this, fat and cancer cells will avoid our body. Apparently, the alkane surrounding does not fit them. This isn’t scientifically proven. 

Solution: The good thing about this diet is that it promotes eating fruits and vegetables, but it isn’t good to avoid other food groups. 

The Cookie Diet 

This diet, made by Dr. Siegal, is based on eating one or two cookies which contain hunger-fighting ingredient every two hours. Nine cookies are prescribed every day. After eating the last one, you are supposed to have a 500-700-calorie meal. This method takes all the enjoyment of eating by replacing meals with cookies. This can also cause an unhealthy relationship with food. Another disadvantage is that most people gain weight when they finish with this low-calorie diet. 

Solution: Nutritionists recommend planning a weight loss programme. Changes shouldn’t be made right before a big event or vacation that we want to be slim for. Instead, we should start months in advance. Changes should be made slowly, one by one, until we are completely satisfied and comfortable with our diet.