What’s Mike Tyson Net Worth 2024?

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Mike Tyson is a person that doesn`t require a lot of representing. Probably, it is the most popular boxers of all time along with Muhammad Ali. His career spanned over twenty years, from 1985 to 2005. He is probably the best heavyweight boxers ever. On the lists of the best boxers and sportsman alike, there is a high possibility you will see Mike Tyson in top ten.

He even lifted the heavyweight title when he was only twenty years old, which is a record still to this day. The world knows him by his nicknames “The worst man on the planet”, “Kid Dynamite”, etc. During his career, he had fifty-eight matches, he won fifty of them. Forty-four of them were ended in a knockout. He lost only six matches.

Throughout his career, he made over $300 million dollars. A few years ago, he declared bankruptcy. Seeing how he is doing in 2024 is surely interesting information. Besides that, we will share some interesting information about Mike Tyson.

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Personal Life

He was born as Michael Gerard Tyson in 1966 in Brooklyn. His mother raised him alone, with his other two siblings. Shortly after he started to go to school, he discovered his boxing talent. After a short period of time, he dropped out of school in order to chase his dreams of a career in boxing. Surely, this was one of the best moves he made. He married and divorced a couple of times. He has eight children.

Professional Life

Soon after he dropped out of school, he was discovered by Stewart. Before his professional career started, he was in two matches with Kelton Brown and Joe Cortez. He won both of those matches. He turned professional in 1985 after he won 26 out of 28 matches as a novice. During his career, he fought the most popular fighters of his time like Frazier, Jacob, Tills, and Green.

His career started growing in 1986 after he won in a match against the champion Ferguson. After this one, his next big fight was against Berbick in heavyweight tournament. In this match, he became the youngest champion ever. Soon after that, Nintendo included him in NES as a fighter. He even got his own video game called “Mike Tyson`s Punch Out”.

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Mike Tyson defended his title several times. His biggest opponent throughout the career was Evander Holyfield. He retired in 2005. After that, he appeared in some cameo roles. The most known one is “The Hangover” from 2009. He published two autobiographical books. Together with Spike Lee, he started an online show called “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth”.

Earnings and Net Worth

In January 2024, Tyson`s net worth is around four million dollars. During his long-lasting career, he earned more than three hundred million dollars. Naturally, when he was in his prime, he was probably the best sportsman in the world. Regrettably, his bad financial and life decisions led him to declare bankruptcy in 2003. Recently, he started to pick up a little, and he earned some money because of his tv appearances and small movie roles.