Why Every Family Should Have a Pet

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Most of us, at least when we were kids, wanted a pet. Now that you are an adult, you may only think of why you don’t want a pet in the house. These few facts can easily convince you that living with pets is much better than not having them and that you need to give your children that joy.

In addition to keeping your mood at a high level, especially when you need it most – after a hard day’s work or the daily stress that comes with the tasks you need to do, pets have a positive effect on your body’s overall health.

Here’s how pets affect their owners:

You will have a healthier heart

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If you buy a dog for a pet, you are guaranteed to be less likely to get some heart disease. The dog requires a daily walk, which means that you will certainly be doing more physical activity than usual. Walking through the park once a day will help keep your blood pressure back to normal, and if you have problems with tachycardia – chances are that you will live longer if you have a dog in the house.

Cats can also have a beneficial effect on heart problems. Since they do not require excessive physical activity because they are more independent than dogs, it is good to keep them on your chest if you have problems with tachycardia or arrhythmia. With the vibration it produces as it passes, the cat will give a rhythm to your heart and calm it down.

They are a kind of fur therapist

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Pet therapy or Animal-assisted therapy (AAT), reduces anxiety, pain and depression in people with mental health problems. Many people can only benefit from this therapy, including patients who go through chemotherapy, war veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder, and patients who go for physical therapy. At the University of Miami, students are provided with pet therapy to relieve stress and depression, especially before exams, when the jitters are at its greatest.

They can smell cancer

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Did you know that dogs can smell a million times stronger than us? Then you can imagine how they feel when they taste delicious bacon. Dogs that are specially trained to use the sense of smell to detect bombs, drugs can also feel when something is going on in our body. Research has shown that any pet dog can be trained to feel the difference in the breath of people who have lung or breast cancer and those who do not. Another study also found that dogs can sense biomarkers in the urine of people who have prostate cancer.

Less stress in life

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It is well known that stress has a very negative impact on our health and is often the cause of many diseases, which is why it is necessary to reduce stress levels. One of the best and most effective ways to relieve stress is to pet your pets. Doing so will lower your blood pressure. Even simply throwing the ball or petting the dog can increase the level of hormone – oxytocin in the brain, which is responsible for good mood, and reduce the level of cortisol – the hormone that produces stress. In addition, you will calm your favorite animal and thus create a cozy atmosphere. Click here and choose your dog, which is the ideal breed for home.

They boost the immune system!

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Just petting the animal and any contact can be enough to ward off colds. Student research has shown that the health of those who have had contact has improved significantly and that they have not had a cold at all. So the next time you feel you will catch a cold, take a handkerchief and your faithful friend by your side. If you are planning to have a baby soon, it would be a good idea to get a pet first. Studies have shown that children who grew up next to a dog or cat in a home rarely have problems with colds and ear infections in the first year of life. So think of your children!

You will be happier

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They, in their own specific way, bring happiness into your life. Thanks to them, you won’t feel lonely, because they will always be there for you. When you go somewhere – they will accompany you, and when you return – they will surely rejoice you. Plus, they will surely always be your best comfort in difficult times.

They can save your life

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In addition to being able to smell cancer, dogs can be trained to feel when their owner is threatened with a heart attack. Or people who are allergic to peanuts because the dog has such a developed sense of smell that he can sense when he needs to interrupt and save you from allergic reactions. Also, choose good watchdogs and you will sleep more peacefully at night because they are beside you.

Older people are more independent with their pet

If there is an elderly grandparent in your family, you will maintain their youth with the help of an animal. Caring for them causes the elderly to exercise physically, which also means that they are more independent when it comes to their own needs.

It teaches children responsibility

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With the arrival of a new family member, it is necessary to arrange all the jobs related to him. Children taking care of them learn what responsibility is and how important it is to care for others. They may not worry about him with the same intensity as the first day they got him, but try to give him those tasks that seem fun to him – surely kids are more looking forward to walking with the dog than feeding.

If you don’t have a family, then:

It will be easier to connect with others

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If you go for a dog walk, you will surely meet more people walking their dogs. Both having the same interest is reason enough to start a conversation. Otherwise, when you go for a walk, you can’t just start a conversation with anyone you meet. There – this is another advantage if you have a pet.

Do you really need any more persuasion from all this? Thank us later when you see how much your life has changed for the better.