Legal Requirements for Working Abroad in the USA

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It is said that America is the promised country and everyone who decides to work there will have a lot of luck and can make a fortune. There are many people who came from every part of the world and found their happiness in the USA. Nowadays almost every teenager dreams of finding a way to go to the US and start working there. In the past, the only thing you needed was your passport and a ticket to America. Things are changed now and there are a lot of legal requirements if you want to go there and find a job.

Here we are going to talk about the documents you are going to need if you want to be able to go to this country and start working there. If you are traveling as a tourist only, you will need different documents, so you should not try to get a job if you are only visiting the US as a tourist. There are some legal tricks that can help you get things done faster, and before you start applying, you should talk to an attorney or someone who’s already walked that path.


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There are five categories when it comes to getting a work visa, and you should find out which category you fall into before you start the whole process.

  1. Employment First Preference (E1) – these are the people who’ve made some significant changes in the world and they include researchers, multinational managers, and people who have extraordinary abilities in an important field.
  2. Employment Second Preference (E2) – if you are a professional and if you have some advanced degrees, you can apply for E2. People who have exceptional abilities in important fields can apply for this preference as well.
  3. Employment Third Preference (E3) – this is the preference that most people get. In this category are both skilled and unskilled workers as well as professionals.
  4. Employment Fourth Preference (E4) – even though there are a lot of different groups in this category, the easiest way to explain is that E4 can get special immigrants.
  5. Employment Fifth Preference (E5) – if you are an investor and if you want to invest your money in the US, then you should apply for E5.


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Before you go to the interview in the embassy, you should get all the legal documents and make sure you have them with you. If you want to get a new visa, or if you are interested in TN visa renewal, suggests that you don’t always have to spend money on lawyers to be able to understand the process. Here are the documents that you need when you apply:

  • Passport – it should be valid for more than two months after your visa expires. Experts suggest that you should renew your passport before you apply for a work visa.
  • Alien Registration Application
  • Forms – including DS-260. You should talk to an expert or a lawyer when it comes to the forms. They will give you more information on everything you should have with you. You will be required to get a medical examination forms to prove that you are not sick or a danger to society.
  • Civil Documents
  • Finances – you should be able to prove that you are not going to use any financial support in the US and that you have enough money to support yourself.

Remember that you will also need to bring at least two photographs of yourself and you should make sure they are recent ones. The time on how long you are going to wait before you hear back if you’ve got the visa or not depends on a lot of things. Experts say that there is no way to predict the needed time and that this type of visa can take more time than a regular tourist one.

What your employer will be looking for

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After you get all the documents needed, and when if you are able to start working it the States, you should know that you will have to show your new employer some documents as well.

It is said that you have three days to provide documents to your new boss that will show that you are who you say you are and that you are allowed to work in the US.

You will have to provide at least one document. In the cases where you need to provide just one, you will have to give them your passport, resident card, or an authorization document or card.

If they are looking for two documents, or if you cannot provide any of the documents mentioned above, you will have to show them your social security card, birth certificate, your ID card, driver’s license or employment authorization documents. If you know where you are going to work before you file for a visa, you should talk to your employer about the documents you are going to need, and ask them to provide more information. In every other case, you should consult with an attorney or talk to the representative in the US embassy.

Have you ever been to the United States? Did you have a hard time getting a work visa? People who’ve been to the US say that even though it is hard to get all the legal documents, once you get there it is all worth it. Some people spend a few months living in America and then they go back to the country they are from. Others realize that the USA is really the promised land and decide to spend their whole lives there.

It is said that a person who’s already done this can help you a lot when it comes to getting all the documents needed. They will tell you some tips and tricks on how to spend less time waiting and what are the things you can possibly miss. There are cases where you can get denied for a visa, so make sure everything is done correctly.

If you don’t follow all the requirements you will have to spend more valuable time and money. You should be really careful not to stay more than you are allowed and you should never try to do illegal things. Even if someone suggests that nothing bad will happen, you should know that if you try and stay longer than you can, you will get caught and get deported.