11 Best Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks – 2024 guide

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The spring temperatures and the sun shining definitely remind us that it’s time for spring cleaning. Whether you like it or not, it’s time to refresh your home and reach those areas that you overlooked during the winter months. Because when the sun lights up your room, all the dust under the couch or elsewhere becomes much more visible.

We are always troubled by the question of how to facilitate the cleaning process, and more importantly, how to make it effective enough. Fortunately, there are some little-known tricks that will help keep your clothes and house cleanse and fresh longer. Take a look at these amazing ideas that will never ruin your mood when you hear the words cleaning, washing and scrubbing. We are sure you will be delighted.

Therefore, a guide to a thorough spring cleaning of your apartment awaits you below, along with practical tips to make your life easier.

1. Make a plan

Always start with rooms that are less busy first, then slowly switch to dirtier rooms, such as the kitchen. Always do it from top to bottom. Let remaining dirt falls on a part that has not yet been cleaned. Also, while vacuuming, always go backwards to avoid spreading dirt everywhere. We have a great trick on how to make a plan easier. Flowchart is the ideal solution for you. Use a flowchart to create a plan that will be easy to stick to and you won’t forget anything. This website allows you to quickly and easily create the flowchart you need.

2. Wash windows quickly while wearing an apron

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Thorough cleaning of windows can be a full day’s work, especially if the windows are large. However, they can shine in just 15 minutes. First, spray the windows with a glass cleaner. If you live in a home, spray them with water from a hose, and if you are in an apartment, wipe the outside of the window with a wet cloth. Lift the bucket of water onto the ladder, put clothes, sponges and a blunt knife or spatula in your apron pockets. Wash the window frame, then scrape the dirt in the corners. Then wipe the windows clean with a cloth.

3. Carpets

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You need a Vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner to cleanse carpets and upholstered furniture, as well as curtains, brooms.

Procedure: Move all the furniture. Thoroughly vacuum the carpets and then wipe them off with a carpet cleaner. Be careful not to wet the carpet too much. Open the windows and allow them to dry for at least eight hours before returning the furniture, so that the carpet does not become damaged in the furniture area and that there are no rust stains on the carpet that can be made by the metal pieces of furniture that you put. in the wet. You can take the smaller rugs out and wash them if you have a carpet. Insert machine washable mats into the machine and vacuum the others on both sides. Wash mats that you do not wash in the machine and allow them to dry for at least eight hours. Wipe the floor.

4. Think of house as a grid

Apply this rule to large spaces, such as the floor, but also to small spaces such as a mirror or a showcase. When you split the whole space into several smaller parts, you will not skip anything, and devote everything to the amount of time you need.

5. You can disinfect the mattress with a spray

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Wondering how to keep the mattress on which we spend a significant amount of time fresh? Of course, we can’t wash it. You can leave it to the cleaning agencies, but you can easily clean the top layers of the mattress with a cleaning spray. Vacuum the mattress and then spray it with a cleaning spray Let it dry. It will disinfect the top coat and kill any bacteria that produces bad odor.

6. Salted grapefruit can clean the limescale deposits

This unusual combination will help you get rid of limescale deposits in the bathroom. Cut the grapefruit in half, put salt in one half and rub the tub and taps.

Be careful: Use fine salt to avoid damaging the surfaces.

7. Ice cubes will help you get rid of furniture traces on the carpet

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You can use ice to level the surface of the carpet when there are traces of furniture on it. Put ice cubes in damaged places and leave them overnight. The carpet will quickly absorb the water and the marks will disappear. The secret of this method is the fact that this effect occurs gradually, so just pouring water on the traces will not help.

8. Clean the grill with onions

You can easily remove grilled dirt with onions. Cut the onion in half and pinch it with a fork. Rub the grill while it is hot. Onions will clean the grill effectively and make the food taste better.

9. Use a newspaper instead of towels

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Paper towels are not always good for erasing surfaces, because for example they cannot wipe the oil nicely, they just smear it on the surface, especially on the glass. But newspapers can penetrate oil, pick it up and make the glass even shinier. It is recommended that you use newspapers and a glass spray to clean the windows to help remove dirt and grease.

10. Keep everything dry

Most people think they should wipe the surfaces with a wet cloth, but experts recommend that you use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe the surfaces, with a little detergent for each surface type, of course.

11. While cleaning, listen to music

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As you tidy up, turn on the radio or TV (music program) and enjoy your favorite songs while you clean.


These tips are generally applicable to any household, since every house has these rooms, but it may sometimes be that you may have a different schedule or have a rhythm of your own, or you just can’t get all this done in one go day, but it is still advisable to give it a try.