4 Best Tips to Opening a Blog in 2024

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Before we begin, I have a major disclaimer to make. I started my first blog in high school thinking I would get rich quick and avoid what was to come next (college, university, job, you name it). If you are starting your blog right now, you can check this website for tips which can give you a headstart.

The thought of getting a job and working in a cubicle used to completely horrify me as a 16 years old kid.

So, I learned how to run an online business and built one on dating with the hopes of filling this world with more happy, positive people while also making enough money to avoid a job.

That didn’t work out as planned. But it did teach me everything I needed to learn on how to actually build an online business that could fund me for life.

And this article is about those valuable million-dollar lessons that I’ve learned over the years, which will save you tons of time and money.

One more thing, this is not one of those articles where I’ll tell you technical pieces of stuff such as which domain to pick, WordPress vs. Blogger, etc. It’s about the mistakes we make after that. So, let’s begin…

1. Don’t be a One-Trick Pony

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I mean it in everything you do to grow your blog. From getting traffic to monetization. Don’t just stick to one trick. So, suppose for traffic. Don’t just stick to SEO, link building, or anyone social media platform to bring traffic. Be omnipotent. Do Pinterest, SEO, Link Building, Fb Live, Instagram, Guest Posting, etc…

As my marketing mentor, Dan Kennedy says –

It’s better to have 12 leads from 12 different places, than have 12 leads from one place.

Cause you never know…

One algorithm change, one policy mistake, and wooppp… The specific platform bans you or punishes you. Google slaps you, and all your hard-earned traffic is gone.

This is why don’t rely on one thing for anything. So, at least go for 4 or 5 ways; nobody knows what will happen in the future, especially when your whole business is based on one BIG platform.

2. Promotion over Creation

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If they don’t see your masterpiece, then it ain’t really a masterpiece. There you go. There I said it. I have seen so many bloggers churn out content after content thinking people will come automatically.

But all they hear is crickets. That’s because promotion is equally, if not more important than creation. And only  1% of top bloggers actually know how to promote their content masterfully. From having the right social media strategy to building a big enough network who’ll always support you and put your content out there to the masses. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and build valuable relationships and partnerships. And promote the heck out of each other.

3. List Building over Everything else

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Yup… I meant List Building. Not Link Building. If there’s anything you’re going to take out of this article, then it’s this –

The money is in the list.

And if you’re anything like me, then you definitely want to make more money while serving your customers and readers better. Then why aren’t you building a list?

And even if you’re building a list (give yourself a pat on the back first), then amplify it. The ideal opt-in rate of a blog is anywhere around 5-10%. So, track your conversions.

Are you getting enough emails? Or does your list building systems require more effort? Make sure that you measure these stats. If you want to learn everything about email list building and how I build an email list, read this article up-front.

You won’t regret it and thank me instead.

4. You’re always Selling Less

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Sell more, sell unapologetically. (I’m serious). So many people have this negative stigma regarding selling. They think – “Oh… what will my readers think?” “They’ll think I’m just a crook, who just wants to make money.” etc.. etc… Trust me… your true, loyal fans actually want you to sell.

Think it this way – If you truly have the best product out there, if you’re truly helping your audience, then you’re doing a disservice to your audience by not solving their problem with your product.

And what’s the point of opening a blog if you won’t sell? Who doesn’t want freedom, more money, mobility, and all the perks of having a blog, aka online business?

I’m here to teach you all the lessons which I learned the hard way, and I don’t want you to make the mistakes that I made during my initial days.

So, sell with passion, sell knowing you’re actually helping your audience, and sell even more.

Final Words

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There you go. You just read the top 4 things you should always be doing once you’ve started a blog. From Day 1 (yup… 1). And I know it’s not easy to start a blog. It’s overwhelming at times, even depressing.

But you can do it. You got it. I believe you. You read this article by this far shows you’re a great learner and want to change your life. So go ahead, start a blog, keep all these million-dollar lessons, and moonlight your way to success.

Now I would like to hear from you. What’s holding you from having your own blog?

Even if you have a blog about how much revenue it’s generating? And the most important of them all, are you happy with your business? Let us know in the comments!