3 Exciting Things To Do In Anaheim, CA

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When we say California, we mostly associated this with greatness, from basketball teams like Los Angeles Lakers to Sacramento kings, from baseball teams like Los Angeles Dodgers, and the famous Golden Gate and many more to mention. This state is one of the best if not the best state in America. One city is known for Disney California and that is Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, CA is one of the most populous cities in California this is the 10th in population among cities in California. Many nice places need to be visited and aside from that, there are also many exciting things to do here not only in Disneyland. To name a few here are the exciting things to do in Anaheim, CA.

Take on Rides in Theme Parks

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One of the things that you should not miss doing here in Anaheim, CA is enjoying the rides in Theme Parks. Rides include roller coasters, bump cars, Merry go round, etc. Disneyland is one of the most famous theme parks here in this city. When we say Disneyland, people associate this as the happiest place on earth, so who does not want to be here right?

Not only Disneyland is known here as a theme park, but Adventure City is also one of the theme parks here that provides a much cheaper alternative to Disneyland. As long as you are a fan of theme parks this might be a good option. They offer mostly the same rides as Disneyland but a smaller and more densely populated than Disneyland.

Taste their Local Food

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When we are in a new place one of the things we are not going to miss is eating and the good thing for this city is that they have numerous local restaurants that we can surely try. In this city, they are offering a variety of local food. From vegan bites to Latin flavors and authentic Asian food, this southern California spot is worth trying.

One of the popular things that need to try here is their Anaheim farmers market. They host their farmers’ market. You can see here not only things that you can see in markets like vegetables, fruits, but also features entertainment, crafts and even food cooked right on their site. According to TouristSecrets, there are even more places to visit in Anaheim and foods to try out.

Adventurous Activities

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Most people do love adventure, and when you are that type of person, going to Anaheim is one of the best places in America to go to. When you are a fan of skating then you can skate in Vans skate park located at the Outlets at Orange, If you are the type of person who is not afraid of heights then you must experience try “SwingIt Trapeze” here you experience to fly.

There are also activities that you can experience being a pilot. The Flight Deck 1 Air Combat Center is an authentic military flight simulation that provides you the experience of having the same equipment and skills used to train fighter pilots. If you are a techie adventurous guy you can go to The Cube, here you can try their 100 interactive activities exhibits.

Aside from the mentioned adventurous activities, there are a lot of activities here countless activities that you can try by your family and friends. Anaheim CA is a place where people will remember their experience in years to come just by simply experiencing this one of a kind adventurous activities you might be experiencing only here.


This City is one of the best cities in America where you can do so many exciting things. Theme Park rides here are just one of a kind and Disneyland alone will tell you that. Amazing restaurants here will make you go back again and again. Being an adventurous person or even if you are not adventurous will provide you one of the best experiences here in this city.

There are many exciting things to do here not only these things that are mentioned. People do have their own choices and wants when they are new in a place and being here in Anaheim CA will provide you more options to do. This might be the day that you discover for your own the wonders of this great city.