4 Reasons Why New Yorkers Should Try Therapy

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New Yorkers are a tough breed. We’re the people who don’t have time for pleasantries at the checkout counter and who are more than ready to force ourselves into that crowded subway car. We’re used to being alone in a crowd, and we’re used to relying on our own hard work and wits to get by. But there’s one thing that we shouldn’t try to handle on our own: our mental health.

When it comes to caring for your mental health in a city like New York City, you need to team up with a trained professional. We New Yorkers should consider cognitive therapy to help manage mental health. Here are four reasons why.

Because we work too hard

New Yorkers don’t go easy on their mental health. In fact, New Yorkers are constantly risking burnout by working longer hours, on average, than people anywhere else in the United States. The professional pace here is brutal, and if you’re not careful, it could trigger serious mental health issues.

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That’s why it’s a good idea for New York City’s hard-working professionals to trade a few hours of time in office buildings in Manhattan for a few hours with therapists in Manhattan. From cognitive therapy to career counseling, there’s a lot that mental health professionals can do to help your work/life balance, career, and mental health.

Because it’s stressful here

Stress levels in New York City are a bit higher than the national average, and it’s not particularly difficult to see why. This is a fast-moving, noisy, crowded place. It’s a beautiful place, but it’s not exactly peaceful. And when you spend all of your time rushing around, working hard, and dealing with crowds, you’re bound to feel stressed out.

That’s natural, but it’s not a good thing. Stress is a killer — its impact on our health is much larger than we might suppose, and it can make us vulnerable to other threats to our mental and physical health. It’s extremely important for us to combat stress and related mental health issues, and therapy can be a big help in that department.

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Because therapy is for everyone

New Yorkers are a stressed-out bunch. Many of us suffer from depression. Others suffer from anxiety issues, which — when taken collectively — are the most common form of mental health issue. But others among us believe that we feel fine. We may think that we have no mental health issues to address at all. So why bother with therapy?

The fact of the matter is that therapy is not just for folks who are dealing with any sort of mental health issue. Therapy is for everyone, and it can offer benefits that transcend any particular mental health condition. As we’ll see in a moment, therapy can do everything from improving your mood to strengthening your relationships.

Because therapy works

Whether you’re in New York City or anywhere else, it’s just a fact: Therapy works! Experts agree that therapy has a whole host of benefits, from the reduction of symptoms associated with mental health issues to more general improvements in mood and personal lives. Therapy can make you a happier person, a more productive worker, a better romantic partner, a better friend and family member, and more.

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New Yorkers have a lot to deal with. We’re busy people. But make no mistake: If we make time for cognitive therapy, we can get a whole lot more out of life in this big, always-on city. So why not give it a try?