5 Best Amateur Golf Tournaments in Europe in 2024

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If you love golf, attending and participating in tournaments is a desirable thing to do. Sports tourism has seen an increase in many golf tournaments around the world, and there is no shortage of golf activities to participate in. Today, Algarve golf.holiday is one of the most commonly sought after golf opportunities in Portugal and from people around the world. It happens to be among the best golf destinations in Europe. However, if you are not so experienced in this sport, you can go to amateur tournaments. Here are some of the five best amateur golf tournaments you will find in Europe:

1. Staysure Amateur Golf Tour

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This amateur golf tournament will get you a competitive experience taking place in high-quality championship courses. It is something close to what happens in professional tours. Therefore, it is a perfect fit for amateur players and any enthusiast despite their handicap. To qualify for the tournament, you need a CONGU official handicap or the equivalent overseas option. One of the striking features of this tournament is the top class courses.

Since its establishment in 1997, this tournament has been growing. Ideally, it is a tour of Stableford competitions that take place on high-quality courses around the world, including Europe. If you are not a tour member, you can enter the events. However, should you want to become a member, you will have to pay a fee of £40 per year. There are two orders of Merit in this tour – one is founded on UK events and the other around the world.

2. Golf in Scotland US Masters Series

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The Scotland US masters series is a fit tournament for amateurs as well. It is a recent tournament having been in existence for about six years now. Finalists in this tournament get top rewards of senior competitions such as the US Masters. To do that, participants should win two golf rounds and then win one of the set qualifying events. Well, that is not all that is there to play for. Other great prizes include holiday offers to different parts within Europe.

Other than just taking part in these amateur golf events, you stand a chance of winning prizes to highly-ranked golf resorts in the UK. Therefore, this tournament presents you with an opportunity to participate in golf activities and open you up to new adventures in the golfing world. It is worth considering if you are enthusiastic about golf.

3. NCG Top 100s Tour

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Following good rankings of the National Club Golfer (NCG) golf course, a Top 100s amateur tour has been launched for gold lovers. Here, you are given an opportunity to play, compete, and carry away prizes on excellent golf courses in Great Britain. The choice of courses made is among the best venues all over the country, especially coming from the top 100. That guarantees new entrants quality gold courses and good experience.

This tournament is open to golfers of both genders with a handicap for clubs pegged at 24, allowing participants to play from their handicap in Stableford arrangement. Those who come in first and second in each of the qualifying events get to qualify for the final. There are lucrative prices to be won, presenting opportunities to players to participate in advanced golf competitions.

4. The Hole in One Club – Pairs Series

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These are golf series hosted by the Hole in One Club. The winner in each of the qualifiers is given a chance to compete in the National playoff final. After that, a prestigious award is given. It depends on what the plan is for a specific year. Coffee and bacon rolls are issued to players once they show up and major prizes preserved for the 1st and 2nd places in each of the golf series events.

To participate in the Paris Series golf events, you should be an existing member of the Hole in One Club. If not, anyone willing to participate will be required to pay membership fees alongside the details they provide during the registration process. Participation is allowed for both genders characterized by mixed pairs not less than 18 years of age. Participants have opportunities to enjoy golf in two days.

5. Mizuno Golf Pairs Tour

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The Golf Pairs Tour, known as GPT, was founded in 2013 and has since organized and run various friendly golf pairs events that are competitive enough for all golf lovers. That usually happens in the top 100 golf courses. Mizuno is a high-quality Japanese golf brand that has been partnered with GPT to supplement the golfing expertise to the ongoing golf activities. All amateur golfers are invited to take part in this tournament.

Mizuno GPT’s objective is to plan high-quality golf competitions at affordable rates. That comes along with grand prizes each day happening at some of the best golf courses you will come across in the UK. Organizers choose premium golf courses at pocket-friendly prices. It is usually an excellent opportunity to experience golf in a way that opens you up to professional opportunities as well.

Final Thoughts


Growing in golf requires that you take time to familiarize yourself with what goes on in the game. For that reason, it is essential to start from the not-so-competitive environments. That way, you will be able to learn a lot. Travel to Europe and enjoy some of these amateur golf tournaments aimed at giving you the experience you need!

If you want to improve your skills before attending any of the above tours, trackman simulator is also one of the best options that help to improve your golfing skills.