5 Creative Wedding Engagement Photo Ideas!

Photography is a huge aspect of your wedding. You want all the photos to be just perfect and you don’t want to risk it. There are plenty of images you will take and you want to be as creative as possible.

Coming up with a creative idea for your wedding engagement photo can be challenging. You have enough stressful decisions to make when planning for your wedding. Fortunately, you can keep your engagement photo shoot fun.

Creative wedding engagement photos can happen anywhere.

Look through these engagement photography ideas gathered by FixThePhoto http://fixthephoto.com/engagement-photo-ideas.html photographers that you may realize in fall, spring, summer, and even winter. Romantic and lifestyle photos are guaranteed. Before we dig into specific ideas for creative engagement photo shoots, let’s go over the basics that you can apply to make your wedding engagement photos a surefire success.

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What Makes a Perfect Engagement Photo?

Wedding engagement photos allow you to show the world a glimpse of your love. You can get the most out of your photo shoot by focusing on:

The Location of Your Shoot

You can take your engagement photos anywhere, but some places are going to be more creative than others. You could consider:

  • The Site of Your First Date
  • The Place Where You First Met
  • Your Favorite Place to Go Together

Choosing a location that is uniquely important to you ensures that your engagement photos will be creative and special.

The Timing for Your Photos

You get to decide when to take your engagement photos. Some couples go over nighttime shoots. You can also take advantage of the beautiful golden light in the hour right after sunrise or right before sunset.

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The Way You’re Going to Pose

It can be difficult to know where to put your hands during an engagement photo shoot. Why not get creative (and give yourself something else to focus on besides the camera!) by bringing along some props? Pick something you love to use as a prop for a unique touch.

You can also display your affection in your engagement photos. Don’t be afraid to share a sweet kiss in front of the camera! Some couples like to show off their engagement rings, to demonstrate how serious they are about their feelings for one another.

Now that you have some basic ideas about planning a creative engagement photo shoot, let’s get into the specifics. Keep the joy in your engagement photo shoot by considering these 5 ideas for a creative wedding engagement photo.

Creative Engagement Photo Ideas for You

Selecting a creative idea for your wedding engagement photo should involve thinking about what’s important to you and your partner. You might want to consider ideas that draw on:

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1: Your Shared Hobbies

Are you both athletic? Do you love to read? You can draw on these loves to set up a theme for your photo shoot. Don’t be afraid to include props that work with your theme!

2: Embrace Pop Culture

Are you into a particular show or movie series? Maybe you were brought together by tales of dragons or galaxies far, far away. If so, you can weave imagery from the pop-culture you love into your engagement photo shoot.

3: Draw on Nature

The great outdoors can provide a great backdrop for your engagement photos. Visit a scenic overlook or a local park for an easy and creative way to boost your engagement photos.

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4: Get Personal

Of course, you don’t have to go anywhere to get a creative engagement photo. You can set up a photo shoot in your home, showing you and your partner engaging in activities around the house, enjoying board games, or taking care of playful chores.

5: Embrace the Weather

Depending on the date of your engagement, you can take advantage of the seasons. Don’t be afraid to go out and play in the snow, or have a water hose fight if the summer heat is beating down on you.

Personalize your creative engagement photos.

Create the Perfect Wedding Engagement Photo

You deserve a beautiful and creative wedding engagement photo shoot with your loved one. Celebrate your engagement and the beginning of your life together with these five creative and easy ideas for your engagement photo shoot.