7 Reasons for a New Yorker to Move to Los Angeles

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It is difficult to decide whether you are excited or dejected when you have to make a move from one megacity to another. Especially when it comes to moving to Los Angeles from a mega city like New York City. You need more than motivation to make a move. There is nothing like living in both cities. New York City is the largest city in the United States of America, while Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the country. LA is also the third-largest city in North America after Mexico City.

Moving from a business hub like NYC to LA, which is regarded as the cultural capital of the USA, you may come across opportunities as well as challenges. There are so many attractions for anyone to make them move from one city to another, like its rich food, amazing people and of course it’s the L.A., the home of Hollywood movies.

New York is known for its diversification and landmarks, while Los Angeles is known for its weather, food, and culture. Once you make a move to this amazing city with the help of professional movers like MoveEast, the first difference you would feel is the shift from subways to driving. If you love to drive your own dream car, Los Angeles is the place to be. Following are some of the main reasons to move to Los Angeles from New York:

1. Enjoy the Weather

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Los Angeles is famous for its weather and is called paradise due to this very reason. The winter in LA is an experience which no one wants to miss out on. It generally ranges from the 50s to 70s degrees during winter. Although summer can be a bit hotter unlike Florida, there is very low humidity, and during the night, the temperature generally drops considerably. Most of the time, Los Angeles remains sunny. So, it is advisable to carry your sunscreen with you to Los Angeles.

2. Experience the Cultural Diversification

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Los Angeles is known for its cultural diversification. Los Angeles is situated right on the Pacific Coast and just a two-hour drive from San Diego and Mexican border, the area is primarily influenced by Latino neighbors. On the other hand, it also presents the footprints of its Asian neighbors on the west. With such a multi-cultural ethnic community, you will get a chance to meet people from many countries. This cross-culture environment is also the reason for such varieties in food, living style, and overall sensibility.

3.Taste the Sumptuous Food

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With such a rich cross-culture environment and communities, this is not really tough to getan idea that it should be a heaven for food lovers. Los Angeles is the place where you can find authentic breakfast burritos, Korean BBQ, Ramen, and many more. Unlike New York City, where life is so fast that you have to concentrate on fast food to keep up the pace with fast life. One of the unique aspects is that you will find a culture of food trucks in Los Angeles. If this is not enough, you will find more sophisticated dining setups like The Ivy and BOA Steakhouse for more civilized eaters. The option of Sprinkles cupcakes is also available for dessert lovers.

4. Art Lovers Choice

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Los Angeles is considered a paradise for art lovers. Artists from all over the world visit Los Angeles and decorate streets with beautiful artifacts of arts and innovative buildings. Apart from arts, Los Angeles is also famous for its historical museums. So we can say that there is something for everyone in the golden city. You can visit art galleries in Santa Monica, Abbot Kinney or downtown.

5. Cheer Not One but Two NBA Giants

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One of the most amazing parts of living in the LA is to get to cheer a massive number of teams, whether you love basketball, ice hockey, or baseball. For instance, you get not only one but two NBA giants in the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers. Take a trip to Staples Center every once in a while to join the NBA action. That’s not all, you get to cheer two football teams, two baseball teams, two soccer teams, and two hockey teams. It sounds more like Noah’s Ark, doesn’t it?

6. Job Market Offers Opportunities

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The job market in the LA is thriving, but mostly, you will get paid the minimum wage. That could be one of those turnoffs for any New Yorker who loves earning big. Although the unemployment rate is very much on the higher side, like any other American state, you still get a decent job if you’re the right fit. According to the local media, the average weekly earnings in the LA is around 1,252 U.S. dollars.

7. Hollywood Baby!

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Well, this could be the biggest turn-on for any movie lover. This is the Mecca of movies. It is regarded as the Entertainment Capital of the World. You often get to see Hollywood stars. What’s more, you can try your own luck in acting. Apart from the thriving entertainment industry, the LA has also emerged as the new home to tech giants like Google, Headspace, and Hulu. LA’s coastline has witnessed an influx of major tech companies in recent years, which has also made it a favorite place for the tech-savvy nation.


If you’re moving to LA from New York City, get ready to be part of a multicultural society that offers an abundance of activities to delve into. You might have to start your stint in the LA with two jobs, but once you have set your feet firm in its soil, you’re going to make it big. Enjoy your time and experience like never before in Los Angeles.