8 Things you won’t believe are banned

All over the world, we have things that are banned. Many of them are normal bans, but some of them are pretty bizarre. Here is the list of the most ridiculous bans in the world.

8. Emo culture

Russia is a very strict country. So they banned emo haircuts, too much dark eyeshadow, face piercings and anything emo related. They did it because they thought that Emo culture is a dangerous teen trend.

7. Frowning

If you want to go to Milan in Italy and you are a grumpy cat, think twice. You are banned to frown, and you need to smile all the time. The exceptions are funerals and hospital visits. If you decide to make a grumpy face, you can pay a fine.

6. Reincarnation without consent

This is pretty bizarre, but in China, it is prohibited to reincarnate without consent from the government. This ban was done to diminish the Dalai Lama’s influence in the region, because China is a communist country.

 5. Black Cars

If you want to buy a car in Turkmenistan it can’t be black. The importation of black vehicles there is banned. We don’t know why, but maybe the reason is the fact that white color is considered lucky in Turkmenistan.

4. Blue Jeans

One of the most unique countries in the world is North Korea for sure. They have many bans, and one of them is the ban on wearing blue jeans. That’s because the blue denim is associated with their biggest enemy, The United States.

 3. Kinder Surprise

Everyone loves Kinder Surprise, a chocolate egg with a toy inside. It’s popular everywhere around the world, except in the US. That’s because it’s banned there to prevent kids from swallowing the small toys that are inside the egg.

 2. Making an ugly face at a dog

If you are used to making ugly faces at dogs, think twice if you find yourself somewhere in Oklahoma. If you do that in some areas of this state, you may be fined or even jailed.

 1. Scrabble

Some may think that scrabble is too much intellectual and subversive evil game. In the 1980’s Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu banned this game from his country and those are the reasons.