How Do I Arrange A Direct Cremation?


Arranging a cremation can be a confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be. Direct cremations offer you the opportunity to receive a cremation service that is entirely governed by your personal preference.

With every essential aspect of a funeral covered without the need for a ceremony or a traditional service, the cremation only approach allows you to afford the utmost respect and dignity to your loved one, such as those offered by Caring Cremations.

We understand that for some, traditional funerals are precisely what they want, but equally, for some families it doesn’t feel like the right choice, or it’s simply not an option. Direct cremation alleviates some of the financial burdens of the traditional funeral, making respectful, dignified cremation accessible to everyone.

Cremation services are a more sensible alternative to normal funeral service. While many communities have not accepted cremation as a way to honor deceased loved ones, many households and individuals are beginning to see the benefits of this type of burial.

Basically, cremation is a process during which the body of the deceased person is burned and turned into ashes, and these ashes can be stored by loved ones in an urn or scattered in places determined by the deceased person.

After all, this service is extremely practical, if not convenient, since there is no need to buy a plot to bury the dead. So if you or your family prefers something more straightforward, direct cremation or unattended cremation is the perfect solution for you.

Reach Out To Dedicated Direct Cremation Providers


To arrange a direct cremation, you can get in contact with a cremation service that specializes in direct services. But don’t feel like you need to rush into choosing a service; you can take the opportunity to have an informal chat over the phone to learn about the packages that are on offer.

The cremation service’s dedicated team will be able to lay out your options and the associated costs. If you agree on a package, they will send out confirmation documentation to be signed by the next of kin. Direct cremation services can offer compassionate, considered care for the cremation of your loved one, and you can expect to be kept informed at every step of the process.

They can offer support and handle the entire procedure, allowing you to focus on what matters during this time, whether that’s being there for yourself, your family or arranging a celebration of your loved one at a later date. The cremation service takes care of everything from choosing the crematorium to caring for your loved one in the days before the cremation.

Arrange a Date


Depending on the package that you’ve chosen, the cremation service will either arrange the cremation themselves or mutually agree on a date and location for the cremation to take place. A few days before the arranged date, the cremation service will take your loved one into their care, and they will be transported in a specialist funeral vehicle to the crematorium.

The cremation itself will be handled by a highly professional team that ensures all procedures are adhered to. These simple cremation services are perfect for those who would prefer not to have a ceremony beforehand.

What Happens After The Cremation?


After the cremation, your loved one’s ashes are collected in a temporary urn and you are notified that the cremation has taken place.

Someone from the team then contacts you to arrange hand-delivery of your loved one’s ashes. Some services allow for your loved one’s ashes to be scattered in the crematorium’s remembrance garden or are returned to you for you to choose your own form of memorial.

This means that you or your family can organize a memorial or celebration event at a later date and in a way that feels right for you to commemorate your loved one.

How long does cremation take to complete?


The cremation course usually takes between 3 and 8 hours to complete. The time devoted to this process depends mainly on the dimensions of the corpse; Deceased people who have a larger physique type may take longer to be cremated.

Is it really less expensive to go to cremation providers as an alternative to a standard funeral? If you add up all the costs, the answer is yes.

The price of a direct cremation package can be only a quarter of the general prices of a conventional funeral service. It is because you should not buy a casket, apply embalming procedures, or buy a cemetery plot for your loved one.

On the other hand, you can make your personal funeral arrangements after your deceased’s physique has been cremated. You can attend the funeral at the residence to make the occasion more intimate. Plus, you and your family have more room to mourn the loss after the required services have been completed.

You should be aware that not all funeral homes offer cremation services. Cremation is definitely offered by more established funeral corporations, as they already have the equipment to go through the process.


With traditional funerals, you can expect to spend thousands on a formal ceremony. But, by choosing a cremation only service, you can take control of the end-of-life memorial at a fraction of the cost.

Unlike the rushed timeline of a traditional funeral, after you’ve received the ashes from a direct cremation, you can delay your memorial by weeks or months to accommodate all of your attendants.

This uncomplicated service allows you to arrange a more personal memorial service or honour the wishes of a loved one that wouldn’t have wanted a traditional service. Direct cremation honors the fact that the way you choose to memorialize is intensely personal by offering a straightforward way to help you tailor your memorial to your needs.