10 Impressive Benefits of Ceylon Tea – 2024 Guide

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The growing consumption of tea as a daily recreational drink has made it a leading export for some nations. Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka has been part of the most preferred tea around the world, alleged to be the cleanest, in the market. The tea, prepared in black and green forms, has a leafy taste and sometimes provide sweet flavours. It has minimal pesticide deposits and one of the highest antioxidants levels. The crucial polyphenols that give it the antioxidant nature have excellent health benefits.

Below are 10 benefits of Ceylon tea.

1. Improves the Hearts Health

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Through scientific study, it has been proved that green and black Ceylon tea can bring down the blood pressure levels that are responsible for heart conditions. People who live with hypertension are among those who benefit from such characteristics. The potassium in the tea is important to the wellness of the heart. It acts as a vasodilator which translates to it relaxing the tension in arteries and blood vessels. It, in turn, regulates the blood pressure to normal levels inhibiting straining of the heart. A strong cup a day could go a long way to nourishing the heart.

2. Helps in Weight Loss

For anyone with the aim and aspiration of losing weight, Ceylon tea is a perfect option. The tea is known for its ability to stimulate metabolism. An improved metabolic rate means that the body will utilise its fats quicker than before even if all the other parts of your routine and life remain the same. A cup of Ceylon tea will give you an energy boost that will enable you to do more activity. It leads your body into burning more calories. In a study, it was found that the tea could alter the intestinal bacteria ratio by increasing the bacteria linked to leaner bodies.

3. Strengthens the Body’s Immunity

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Generally, Ceylon tea enhances human health. In the defence system, it has a huge role where the Ceylon green tea behaves by teaching the defence cells on how to rapidly respond to alien agents and pathogens within the body. The outcome is a system ready to kill foreign agents. The antioxidants in the tea are responsible for the reduction of oxidative stress and the free radicals in the body. It allows the defence system to focus on other crucial responsibilities such, as fighting off infections. Ceylon tea also holds polyphenols and flavonoids that also help in improving the body defence.

4. Helps in Regulating Diabetes Symptoms

Both the black and green forms of Ceylon tea have proven to reduce blood glucose levels and lessen the chances of getting diabetic cataracts. The tea has catechins that also increases serum insulin levels that balance the blood glucose levels. It helps avoid spikes and drops that can be dangerous for diabetics. Studies have shown that those who consume tea daily are 33% less likely to get diabetes.

5. Prevents Kidney Stones

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Ceylon tea has been observed to assist in diminishing the chance of developing of kidney stones. Kidney stones, a painful condition, is caused by the accumulation of calcium oxalate in the urinary tract. Green Ceylon tea minimises the formation of deposits by EGCG that it contains. EGCG is an antioxidant that defends kidney cells from harmful substances such as oxalates. It goes a long way into subduing kidney stones development.

6. Enhances Brain Health

Caffeine found in Ceylon tea is one rationale why the tea boosts the brain’s health. Unlike in coffee, the caffeine found in Ceylon tea is more inferior. A drinker does not feel tense after consuming it. The tea also holds an amino acid known as L-theanine, which can go through the blood-brain obstacle. Studies and research show that the right quantities of the amino acid, have meaningful influences on someone’s mental sharpness. The same L-theanine also spurs GABA activity that inhibits neurotransmissions that have anxiety effects. For those in their senior ages, Ceylon tea is known to enhance cognitive abilities.

7. Skin Care

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For anyone looking to have healthy and glowing skin, Ceylon tea is a good option. The antioxidants in the tea are connected to inhibiting oxidative stress in the skin cells. It helps in diminishing collagen loss. Collagen is vital in stopping wrinkle appearances and maintaining its strength and elasticity. When such is maintained, it limits early ageing, scrubs off wrinkles and makes your skin healthier and glowing. Using Ceylon tea bags from tea-and-coffee.com will give you radiant skin.

8. Helps Fight Cancer

The EGCG catechins detected in Ceylon tea undertake a crucial part in the therapy of prostate hyperplasia, the first prostate cancer stage. The antioxidant nature of the tea, especially polyphenols, stop tumours in many types of cancers from growing and reproducing. The EGCG also helps in killing cancer cells making Ceylon tea a perfect cancer-fighting food.

9. Improves Gut Health

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The human gut is home to trillions of bacteria and a huge chunk of the immune system. While some of the bacteria help maintain good health, some of them do not. Research has shown that some of the beneficial bacteria are responsible for reduced inflammatory bowel disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart problems. The polyphenols in Ceylon tea helps in nourishing the good cells while at the same time stopping the development of harmful ones. Further, the antimicrobial nature of Ceylon tea kills dangerous aliens while repairing the digestive system linings.

10. Increased Energy

Ceylon tea just like coffee has a vital component which is caffeine. Drinking Ceylon tea gives the body a healthy share of caffeine. It significantly boosts your focus and gives you the right energy to start your day strong. A cup at intervals during the day will keep you going. Ceylon tea, with way lesser caffeine, is preferred over coffee as it does not cause caffeine crashes.

Ceylon tea is important for your health like discussed above. Take caution though, since, it could also be harmful to some people, including, pregnant women and individuals suffering from anxiety disorders. Approach your doctor who will easily recommend the right dosage for you.