7 Things to Take Care of Before Putting Your House on the Market – 2024 Guide

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If it’s your first time selling a house, there are a few things to learn and implement before placing it on the market. Most of these ensure that the house is in the best condition for your potential buyers. Below, you get to learn about all these factors and proceed to sell your home quickly.

1. Make Repairs

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Fixing everything in the house is crucial before putting your house on the market. You can come across stained ceilings within the house, broken windows, missing tiles, scratched floors, and more signs. You should aim at eradicating all the signs of neglect from the house.

Take some time to go around the house and find all the different areas to repair. Make a list and decide on all the things that you want to deal with. Speaking to an agent can help you know the different things to fix and some which aren’t essential.

If there are no repairs to make, ensure that you’ve worked on all the uncompleted projects. For example, finish painting the rooms and complete any other tasks. Completing these projects ensures that the house will be in the best condition. Also, there is nothing that the buyers might be disappointed with.

2. Declutter

Your goal, when placing your house on the market, is to make it look livable. No potential buyer will be comfortable with a cluttered house. When selling the house, you need the buyer to view past the clutter, meaning that you must move everything that you don’t need from the house.

Decluttering can be arduous, but one easy way of being efficient is going through one room at a time. If you come across lots of paper, shred or recycle it. Consider donating duplicate house items, clothing, toys, and books. Placing the excess clutter in plastic tubs and labelling them will help keep them off the way.

After going through all the different rooms, remember to declutter your shelves, countertops, and tables. At times, you won’t notice the things that you don’t need. However, the best rule of thumb is reducing 50 percent of these commodities. Therefore, if you have 10 items on the shelf, remove five.

3. Clean

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Cleaning is the most crucial step to getting your house ready to sell. Your aim should be getting the house to a “move-in condition.” If you keep your house clean always, continue with the good work. However, you should check to ensure that you don’t overlook the nooks and crannies.

If you have a routine, ensure that you go through everything that’s not part of the routine. Get serious and indulge yourself in deep cleaning. If the house isn’t clean, you should start at the top (your top floors or attic) and proceed downwards.

After this, you can proceed with the fixtures and avoid dragging the dirt to the areas you’ve already cleaned. You should finish off the cleaning process with the windows. Clean windows look lovely from the outside; they will attract more potential buyers to the house.

4. Research the Local Housing Market

After getting your house in the best condition, you must conduct some research to know its value. Researching the local housing market ensures that you can compare the sale prices of the neighboring homes. From this, it’s easier to figure out the appropriate price for your house.

Pay keen attention to the different types of houses that people have bought within your area. After assessing these aspects, compare them to your house to know how to put the house in the market. Even if the neighboring homes are larger than your own, you can get an idea of what prices to list the house.

Reputable realtors are also crucial when placing the house on the market. They advise you on the best listing prices for the house. You also learn from the sales they have made and know what most buyers are looking for.

5. Find an Agent

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Always use a professional realtor to sell your home. However, if you are planning on selling your house quickly, you can consider some “we buy houses” companies. A professional realtor bridges the gap between you and your potential buyers. Most of them have connections to these buyers that will make it easier to sell the house.

Picking the best agent necessitates for you to ask for recommendations. If you researched the local market, you could know the different realtors that your neighbors use. With this information, you can interview the different agents and learn about their experience and offer.

However, if you want to skip hiring an agent to sell your house, there are companies like We Buy Any Home that can help in selling your property fast and hassle-free.

6. Hire a Photographer

A photographer helps you showcase your house to potential buyers. Since you can list the house online, you need some professional photos to showcase the entire house. These photos will tell your buyers a story and attract them to visiting the house and making an offer.

The advancement in the real estate photography industry requires you to assess the skills of the photographer. Each photographer will vary but checking out their galleries will tell you more about them. You can learn about their photography styles and ensure that they follow your requirements.

Pricing is also another factor to assess when picking the best real estate photographer. These professionals will charge depending on the photos that you want and the size of the house. However, you should always steer clear of all the cheap options that you come across.

7. Stage the House

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Staging the house ensures that you focus more on some styling cues around the house. These will be enough to attracting the buyers and ensuring that the sale happens quickly. Staging the house assists you in attaining the asking price from most buyers.

Boosting the curb appeal is one way of staging the house. Your potential buyers need to love the house immediately they drive or walk-in. You can opt to welcome all your buyers on the porch. Here, you can have an extra touch that assists you in easily showcasing the house.

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