Best Beach Wedding Locations in USA – 2024 Guide


One of the most dreamed about (and used!) locations for any wedding is the warm, sandy shores of a beach. Fair weather, gently lapping waves, the cool sea breeze and the picturesque vistas of the miles upon miles of Florida shoreline have made the state a wedding hotspot for decades. Even in times as crazy as these, people are still on the hunt for prime beach wedding locations. The whole of south Florida is ripe with locations to stage your dream wedding, flush with plenty of beautiful beaches. If the green vistas of a state park or botanical garden is more your speed, south Florida is also home to plenty of options for both, meaning you can set your wedding against whatever backdrop you can dream up.

Miami Beach remains the most famous beachfront wedding option in Florida, prized by couples for having so many luxury resorts to choose from and for being one of the most familiar locations for a wedding planner in Florida. Plus, it’s in Miami – between the hotels, restaurants, and nightlife, is it any wonder it remains so popular? Miami Beach is broken up into three major areas: North Beach, South Beach and Key Biscayne.

  • North Beach is noted for being a much more subdued and relaxed beach, with reduced foot traffic and small crowds, making it ideal for couples aiming for a lazy tropical vibe.
  • South Beach, on the other hand, is the bustling, always-on portion of Miami Beach, and is as known for its sandy shores as it is for the city that’s attached to it. South Beach remains an enormously popular, if pricier, beach wedding destination.
  • Key Biscayne sits as the most demure of the three Miami Beach children, with low population counts to help facilitate more intimate receptions set to greener, more natural backdrops that are away from the bustle of Miami proper.

Beach sports an iconic boardwalk along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Stretching for over two miles, it offers up an ideal space for breathtaking photographs. Hollywood Beach, true to its name, requires special permission to host weddings or events on its sandy shores – if you’re looking for an affordable spot for your wedding, consider venues next to Hollywood Beach if the prices for permission are tough to swallow.


Lauderdale Beach benefits from being much more than just a stunning coastline. Featuring a wide selection of parks, like Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, Fort Lauderdale is an optimal choice for couples looking to split their time, their photos, or their event between sandy coasts and shaded woods. Better still, Fort Lauderdale does not require a permit to host a wedding on its shores.

Beach is an especially good location for couples hoping to work snorkeling or boating into their wedding getaway, with nearby coral reefs to explore and a massive pier to launch boats from for a day sailing across the waves. Pompano beach also offers alternatives to its $25 dollar beach wedding permit in the shape of the HIllsboro Inlet Lighthouse, which provides a stunning alternative backdrop for your beachside wedding.

Beach is the go-to option for couples hoping to avoid the usual crowds that come with setting up a ceremony and reception on the shore. Known as the place to go if you’re looking to get away from the bustle of busy shoreline, Deerfield Beach is perfect for quieter ceremonies that aren’t looking to have everyone within earshot eavesdropping. In the event your best man is also man’s best friend, Deerfield is an ideal beach wedding location that doubles as a pet-friendly beach.


Raton sports an impressive five mile long run of Atlantic coast, meaning there’s sure to be plenty of quieter places to snap up for a wedding. With tons of room available, Boca Raton is ideal for especially large wedding ceremonies that can benefit from all the extra room that’s around to really spread out. Boca Raton also benefits from being a stone’s throw away from Red Reef Park, an enormous coastline park that even sports a pavilion for a more private and much greener location.

Beach sports a more refined feel that’s made it a highly sought after location for those looking for a location with a more storied past and elegant look. Boynton Beach also features Oceanfront park, which remains the top spot to host weddings along the entire Boynton coastline and offers up plenty of options to keep guests of all stripes and ages entertained.

Beach remains a popular choice for weddings looking to split views between miles of sandy shores and the lush greenery of botanical gardens. Overflowing with history, cultural landmarks, and world-class restaurants, Delray Beach is a prime destination for the more nature minded couple looking for a place that offers more than just the relaxing sound of the waves.


Beach is the classiest option for couples looking for a wedding that falls on the high-end of upscale. With plenty of luxury services available for anyone planning a wedding in Florida’s golf capital, Palm Beach is the perfect destination for those looking for the best in luxury amenities to complement their beachside wedding. Any couple looking to let location reign supreme over budget should look into what Palm Beach can do for their upcoming celebration.

If you know what you want out of your beachfront wedding, then now’s the time to start organizing, choosing and planning. For further information on more beaches in our catalog of locations for your wedding, visit our complete list of beach wedding locations and get in contact with our helpful staff at HollywoodEvents, including booking dates and pricing. Hollywood Events also provides helpful information on nearby activities that are within reasonable distance of any of our beachfront or beach-adjacent venues to help you make a decision that’ll keep you and your guests from ever finding a dull moment during your celebration. Contact us today for additional information and let us help you create something unforgettable.