8 Best Building Stones Out There in 2024

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Different types of building stones can be used in the construction of your home and office. Its use entirely depends on the type of development, the area, and the person’s personal preference. Each stone or block made of different materials is used to make different designs and can be used on walls, sidewalks, pavements, etc. Stones and bricks are sturdy and are a source of building material from an early age. Before the use of cement, concrete, and other building materials, the below-mentioned stones and blocks were the primary elements used in almost all types of buildings.

1. Granite

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Granite is a deep-seated igneous rock that is hard, durable and is available for construction in various colors. The stone can be used in both the interior and exterior areas. It has excellent strength and a high value of crushing power. It can withstand different weather conditions and will hold its structural integrity in almost all kinds of environment.

It is readily available and affordable for most of the construction tasks. It is one of the most commonly used materials in columns, walls, roads, and the foundation of a building. These can also be cut as slabs and polished to be used on floors and the kitchen.

2. Limestone

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Limestone is one of the best building rocks from as early as the Egyptian period. It is one of the most durable rocks which can be used on the walls, pavements, sideways, etc. The best example of Limestone construction is the great pyramids which use limestone blocks as the primary elements for development. Not only that, but many historic buildings were also created using Limestone. Limestone is very easy to cut and mold.

Also, it provides exceptional strength and structural integrity to the building or constructed body. One of the best examples of its construction can be seen with Limestone from Remastone, which is used to build various structures. It is also one of the most available and affordable building materials for those who do not have a higher budget for the entire construction.

3. Marble

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When it comes to art and exquisite work of stones, marble is the best among them. Marble provides a finish that no other stone is capable of doing. It is a metamorphic rock that can be easily cut and carved to any shape and size. Marble can be used for many things, such as the construction of floors, walls, ornaments, slabs, etc. The use of marble for multiple applications makes marble a bit expensive from the other rocks and stones.

There are various shades and colors of marble available in the market. These rocks are known to provide excellent structural integrity and can last for a very long time. Marbles have also been used in many of the world’s historic monuments. Marble is also an excellent stone for artists to use different types of colors and other artwork. If you are looking to build something that looks unique and beautiful simultaneously, using marble for construction should be the best option.

4. Basalt

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Commonly used to construct roads, Basalt is also known as traps. It is also used as an aggregate in concrete production, river walls, dams, etc. The stone structure of Basalt is compact and ranges from medium to finely grained. This stone has a compression strength that ranges from 200 MPa to 350 MPa. The weight of this stone is generally found to be between 18KN/m3 – 29KN/m3.

Basalt is impervious to moisture and has the right resistance level to weather conditions. It is very tough to dress this stone in varied and beautiful shapes since it is very hard. Therefore, it is used to construct roads that last for years. The color of this stone is believed to change from dark grey to black.

5. Sandstone

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Massive structures are built using sandstone in combination with Silica cement. Sandstone is used in varied masonry works, bridge piers, dams, and river walls as well. They are found in a variety of colors, including buff, grey, brown, white, yellow, red, and dark grey. The stone is composed of feldspar and quartz. Sandstone is not suitable foto be used in the construction of buildings since it can weather down.

The look and feel of sandstone are very different from that of granite and marble, and hence they are used in fashionable boutique stores. Because of its anti-slippery properties, the stone is suitable for decks.

6. Slate

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Slate has unwavering resistance, and so it is used for years to construct buildings. They are resistant to seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. It is a type of defense metamorphic rock that comes in grey, green, purple, and red tones as well. All shades of this stone are available when produced in the USA.

Domestic slate has a somewhat weathered appearance that adds warmth to the room where it is used. It is generally used for interior flooring because it is straightforward to trim the stone in varied sizes of choice. It works well as a countertop since it is durable and stain-resistant. It also works well as roof covering, shower enclosure, etc.

7. Laterite

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Laterite is another stone that belongs to the metamorphic category. Being porous and spongy in texture, it works as one of the best stones for building. Quarrying of laterite is super convenient since it is very soft and workable. The crushing strength of this stone is low, and it ranges from 1.8 to 3.0 Mpa. When the stone is decomposed, it is turned into Moorum. Moorum is widely used to construct roads.

8. Gneiss

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This stone is formed from the metamorphosis of granite and is hence another metamorphic stone. The structure of this stone is foliated, and therefore it can be split into thinner slabs along the bedding planes. This stone is very durable and robust. Crushed gneiss stone is used to construct pavement, stone pitching, rough stone masonry works, etc.

Stone is a highly durable building material that requires low maintenance. It is very versatile and available in varied colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. Its properties make it an excellent choice for the construction of different things.