The Best Smart Technology for 2024


Home automation and smart devices are changing the way that people live. Now more than ever, homeowners are looking to upgrade their homes with the best smart technology, from entire home systems to single devices that will allow them to upgrade as they can afford to do so. Of course, finding the best technology is the first step in the process. With so many different brands and products coming to market, it can be hard for the average consumer to keep up. In this guide provided by, you’ll get a detailed look at everything that you should know about smart technology for 2024 and beyond.

What’s Hot Right Now


Trends exist for a reason, and in the smart home market, several different trends are creating a new way to automate any home. The biggest trend for many companies and homeowners is the starter kit. Smart home starter kits are designed in various sizes and formats, offering a selection of smart home devices and tools to get you moving on creating the perfect smart home. The great thing about these kits is that they have everything that you need for a simple start, and yet they aren’t going to require the full investment or intimidation factor of a whole-home system.

Speaking of intimidation, there’s another hot trend in smart technology—piece-by-piece upgrading. Often, it’s too much for people to go full-in and invest in a total home solution at the ready, but they can handle taking on a device or two. The good news is that no matter where you fall on this topic, there are solutions available that are user-friendly and designed for your convenience.

Scalable, Adaptable Solutions


Smart home technology is all about convenience and giving people the benefits that they need. As such, it should also be adaptable and scalable. Being able to buy a few devices now and a few more later is what gets many people on board with upgrading to smart technology in the first place. The more flexibility that people have in developing their smart home systems, the more likely they will be to adopt sooner than later, or even at all. The best integrated smart systems will offer multi-device compatibility and the opportunity to scale the system up or down, as needed, for your benefit.

Digital Assistants and Hubs


Since 2011, Siri has been the name to beat in digital assistant technology, although Amazon’s Alexa and other devices are doing what they can to keep up and offer substantial competition. As time goes on, more digital assistants will enter the market and when those are combined with smart home hubs, people can automate everything in their home and then make changes with something as simple as their voice.

Imagine sitting in your living room and realizing that even though the thermostat isn’t set to kick on for another hour, you’re cold. Instead of having to open the app on your phone, or go old-school and get up and change it by hand, you can easily just say “[Assistant], adjust the temperature to X degrees” and your thermostat will be adjusted and the system will kick on if it is necessary. Plus, you can integrate a digital assistant with just about any smart home hub, giving you dynamic control of your home on every level, no matter which method of control and communication you prefer to use.

Smart Locks and Security


In light of the increasing number of porch thieves and other home security risks, smart technology turned its focus to security and consumers are taking advantage of it in every way possible. There are smart locks that can require a code or even a fingerprint to unlock, as well as doorbell cameras to keep an eye on the porch whenever someone approaches. You can find complete outdoor security systems that are motion-activated, as well as a variety of different smart locks and locking systems that will revolutionize the way that you secure your home.

Whether you install a single security camera or a whole-home system, you can guarantee that even one visible camera will deter several thieves immediately. Others may try to trespass but will likely be deterred by other security features or your smart lock system. Either way, these tools are going to give you more peace of mind when you aren’t home, and especially when you are.

Smart Thermostats


If you’ve been keeping up with smart technology, you might be thinking that smart thermostats have been the “trend” for far too long. That’s partly true. They have been popular for many years. However, they haven’t worn out their welcome in the least. Many people can still benefit from upgrading the thermostat in their homes to a smart device and improving their energy usage. There are a variety of different models available, including those that allow you to create zones in your home and set up temperature monitoring in various rooms throughout the house.

You can also have control of the thermostat from just about anywhere, thanks to the app interface that you’re given to manage and control the system. That means you’ll never have to worry about wasting money on electricity or other heating and cooling fuels because you can adjust the temperature accordingly from anywhere, at any time.

Smart Work-From-Home Tools

Digital signage software has been a popular trend for companies looking to improve communication with employees. Now decision-makers and leaders within organizations can stay in contact with their team through digital signage even when their staff is at home.
According to REACH Media Network, organizations can remotely display screen savers to employee computers with digital signage software. This is smart work-from-home solution, allows managers to remind their team of upcoming meetings, tracking KPIs and send important office updates during the Covid-19 era.

The Bottom Line: It’s Now or Never


The biggest trend in smart technology for 2024? Embracing it. So many people are still just talking about it, reading about it, and trying to decide whether it should be on their to-do list. If you haven’t added any smart devices to your home, do it now. If you don’t get started while the market is still relatively new, you may have a much harder time finding things like starter kits, user-friendly plug-and-play devices, and other resources that may not be around once the smart home becomes the standard rather than the exception. Take the time to learn about the best smart tech trends, but also look at the smart home technology that is going to work best for you.