The Best Sports Shows You Can Watch on the Internet in 2024


Calling all sports enthusiasts! It does not matter if you are into badminton or basketball or if you do not play football but adore watching it, this article will channel your inner athlete! We have compiled the top sports shows up to date, based on reviews, ratings, and personal experience.

Best of all, most of these shows require no parental supervision and can be watched by your children to help them get excited about physical activity and incline them to take part in sports for a better tomorrow. Silver lining – the shows have it all, drama, sports, knowledge and a lot of thrill.

It is time to grab your buttered popcorn, swing the bat, and mark your place on the couch because things are about to get sweaty! If you are planning to stream the following shows online, then you must subscribe to a high-speed internet connection like this one  as it allows you to seamlessly stream all your favorite shows online.

With that said, let us discuss the best sports shows that you can enjoy with your family.


A fictional TV-series that aired back in 2003 but it still super relevant and amusing to watch, Playmakers revolved around the life and hardships of football players. It had the highest rating and viewers loved every aspect of it, however, it got canceled because NFL thought that showing the struggles of football players was not apt. Nevertheless, you can binge-watch the eleven episodes and live the life off the field as a football player!

Rating: 9/10


A whopping nine seasons with two hundred episodes, this show will have you hooked till Christmas and after. The show is an American series that features the life of a coach who shows both his tough and emotional side and affects the lives of his students.

There is drama, there is love and there is a lot of sports. This is a personal pick and it helped us deal with our insecurities and boost our self-confidence.

Rating: 8.5/10

Friday Night Lights

The name should ring a bell! It is one of the most popular sport shows produced up to date and it has achieved critically acclaimed success. Consisting of five seasons, the show keeps you at the edge of the seat with many twists and turns.

It showcases multiple stories at the same time which keeps the audience hooked. Need another reason to watch it? It is the adaptation of a non-fiction book by Bissinger and if you are short on time, you can see the movie of the same name based on it, which came out in 2004.

Rating: 9/10

The White Shadow

One of the masterpieces of its time, this show fights racism and highlights the life of a star player who suffers from a fatal injury caused by an accident and loses his stardom and ability to play. He later becomes the coach of a minority neighborhood team.

The show features a partial black cast, which was a big thing at the time it was produced and most of its happenings are relevant to today.

Rating: 10/10


We all see what is shown on the screen and the ground – players playing the game, the crowd cheering, and someone going home with the trophy but what we do not see is the back story, and the things going on at the back.

The show dives into all of that and more and brings out the truth about the sports industry. As shocking as it might be, it is definitely not off-putting and super intriguing. The show also has a lot of famous stars!

Rating: 9/10

Eastbound and Down

Take a bowl and mix sports with two heaped tablespoons of comedy and there you have it – eastbound and down! A show perfected for the laughing souls, guaranteed to blow you into fits of laughter. If all that guffawing is not enough, the series has a strong stance as well, so you’re bound to get glued to the screen.

Rating: 9.5/10

The Sports Reporters

Quite evident by the name, The Sports Reporters analyze games and players and then discuss. The top people with the best knowledge are all gathered in one room, including past players, sports enthusiasts, and journalists, and they’re made to comment on plays. It is very insightful and entertaining. Definitely a must-watch for us!

Rating: 10/10


This is a history lesson but for sports lovers. It features the great players from all fields of life who have revolutionized the sports industry, challenged norms, and have defined the sports that we play today. It takes one down the memory lane and talks about the finest players, their success stories, and failures.

Rating: 10/10

The Jersey

A little something for the miniature sports fans out there – this magical show was a Disney creation and it revolved around the story of a fantastical football jersey which when worn by anyone would make that someone a pro at playing it. Even if you are an adult, the show has a great stance and should definitely be screened at your house during Sunday family movie time.

Rating: 8/10

Hope you have some sport-filled festive holidays and once you are done watching these incredible shows, do not forget to exercise your muscles and get in the sporty spirit yourself!