How Do Casinos Make You Lose Track of Time?

Playing in a casino is somewhat like traveling across a country where there is no time. If you have been to a casino at least once, you might have noticed that usually there are no clocks on the walls, and besides, there are no windows through which one could look at the world. So why don’t casinos have clocks or windows? In this article, we will explain how casinos make players lose track of time.

The main reason why there are no clocks or windows in the casino is that the casino owners go out of their way to keep the players, so they create conditions in which the players will be focused on the game. The longer the customers stay in the casino, the more money that casino earns. And as you know, the clock can distract players, indicating to them that they have been playing for a long time and it’s time to end the game. For the same reason, there are no windows in the casino – because the passage of time is visible in the windows, you can understand that it is already time to go home, because it is dark outside – it means evening has come.

Casinos do everything possible to distract customers from reality, so they come up with various tricks so that a person stays at the gaming table as long as possible and spends his money. In Las Vegas, as in casinos in general, the job of the gambling house is to give you tunnel vision and keep the game going.

Read on to find out more about why casino bonus and other casinos don’t have clocks or windows, as well as other psychological tricks casinos, use on players.

Why is there no Clock in the Casino?


When you enter various establishments – be it business centers, offices, shops – you can always look around and notice the clock on the wall. Most companies provide this service to their customers as an added convenience. As already mentioned, the clock hanging in the casino 0 is an unwanted distraction that can prevent the client from spending a lot of money. At least when it comes to casinos. The clock is a reference to the passage of time, and humans are programmed to respond to the passage of time.

Casinos can hold your attention longer when time stands still. If you knew how long you’ve been sitting at this gaming table or machine, it would give you an incentive to take action, finish the game, collect your money and leave the establishment.

Of course, someone can say that today it is not so difficult to find out what time it is, because all people wear a watch or keep a phone in their pocket. We don’t need a watch anyway. And this is absolutely true, but there is a certain convenience factor in that you can look around, notice the clock on the wall and see what time it is.

It’s not that the lack of an internal clock in a casino is the main reason why people play longer, however, it’s just one little psychological trick of the casino’s many tricks and tricks that can lead to a big win for the casino.

Why are there no windows in the casino?

For the same reasons as clocks, casinos usually don’t have windows. Agree that you often pay attention to the time exactly when you see that it is already dark outside the window. This fact makes you, for example, finish shopping and leave the mall, or finish work and go home. The darkness outside the window is like a sign that it’s already late and it’s time to go home.


Of course, many casinos justify their lack of windows by saying that the natural light that hits the playing field can reflect the glare from cards and machines. Of course, this is also possible, but this is far from the first and not the only reason.

The absence of windows is one of the ways the casino can keep the attention of the players at the table. No distractions from the outside world and no reference to the passage of time force players to end the game. This means that they will be able to lose more money – which is beneficial for the casino.

It’s worth noting that Las Vegas casino gaming halls actually have windows. These windows, however, are always opaque so that you cannot see from the outside, and they are always darkened so that the light coming through them gives the impression of perpetual twilight.

While the lack of casino hours and windows may have little effect on the length of time players continue to spend money, these are not the only tricks casinos use to separate you from your money.

Psychological tricks Casinos use to get you to spend

The lack of clocks and windows are just two of the many psychological tricks in the big bag of casino tricks. Let’s take a look at some of the other ways a casino will make you stay longer on your property.

Resort Atmosphere


Initially, casinos were just casino halls with table games and slot machines. Nowadays, the largest casinos provide guests with a whole resort experience, including shopping, fine dining, swimming pools, spas, etc.

Casinos have found that the better people feel, the longer they stay and the more money they spend. There is no better example of this than Las Vegas. Everything about the Las Vegas Casino/Resort is designed to make you feel happy!

Maze Like Design

Any casino is arranged according to the principle of a labyrinth. This is especially felt when you are at the gaming table and are involved in the process. Everything is arranged in such a way that you can easily get lost in a huge number of slot machines. All entertainments look so attractive that you simply have no chance to pass by and not play them. That is why many experts advise taking a limited amount of money with you to the casino – because once you are inside, it will be difficult for you to control yourself and you can lose all the money.

All major supermarkets work according to the same principle – goods of the same category are specially located at different ends of the store so that you have to go further in search of the right things. Merchandisers lay out everything so that on the way to get the right product you take additionally what you were not going to buy at all.

Products with brighter packaging are displayed at eye level, while cheaper products are located in less accessible places. You will have to make your way, twisting and turning rows of goods (much like rows of slot machines in a casino) to get where you need to go. The idea is that additional items will get your attention before you can find your way out.

Flashing Lights and Sounds


At all times, people have always been programmed to respond to movement and sound. We are just curious to see where the sound comes from, and if we see some kind of bright light in the window, it immediately attracts our attention and we want to know what is in this window. Flashing lights, sounds and music in the casino also work.

They are designed to grab your attention, distract you, and get you to spend as much money as possible. There is also another secret here – all the sounds of the casino, as well as flashing lights, create the illusion that all people win. That is why a beginner always wants to join the game and try his hand.

Everything You Need Right Here

It is not uncommon for people to spend several hours in the casino, so during this time they have time to get hungry, and besides, they need to go to the toilet or buy something to drink. In the casino, everything is calculated so that you do not have to go far to get what you need. Bartenders will promptly offer you drinks and food, and toilets can be found next to the slot machines.

Therefore, a person does not have a desire to leave – he gets everything he needs in one place. So people spend in the casino for 4-5 hours, and someone sits in entertainment venues, without exaggeration, around the clock.

In addition, there is another trick here – once you go shopping or to the buffet, you will not be able to leave the casino without going through all the machines in the casino hall again. So you will want to play slot machines again and spend your money on them.

Casino Comps

Many casinos offer loyalty cards to their customers. It works simply – the client puts a card in a slot or video poker, and this card keeps track of how much you play. The system works in such a way that the amount of bonuses that a client receives depends on how long he plays.


Thus, the more time a player spends at the gaming table, the more discounts and bonuses he receives. Such privileges make customers come back to the casino again and again and make them feel like a special customer.

Comps of High Rollers

For those players who play for high stakes, the competition in the casino is even more intense. Most often, such customers are offered VIP service and special bonuses – for example, free and superior rooms, spa services and other serious rewards.

All casinos operate on the same principle: the longer they keep a valuable client with big money, the more money they can earn. Thus, the main task of the casino is to offer especially attractive bonuses to large customers so that such customers return to the casino again and again.

Big Winners

Casinos are famous for the fact that they sometimes have big draws – for example, all over Vegas you can see billboards depicting ordinary players who have become winners and won huge money playing in such and such a casino. This is also a special trick – creating the illusion that an ordinary person can win huge sums in a casino, casinos try to attract as many customers as possible.

Many people hope that if the person in the advertisement wins millions of dollars, then he will succeed too. Therefore, ordinary people come to the casino and carry all their accumulated money there. And when such a newcomer comes to the casino, he falls into the trap, the lack of windows and clocks makes an inexperienced player spend more time at the gaming table and lose more money. This is a deliberate attempt to limit feelings that would otherwise cause the customer to leave the casino early.

Strategies to Combat Losing Track of Time in Casinos

  • Set a budget: Before entering a casino, it is important to set up a realistic budget that can be tracked easily. By having a financial limit, it will be easy to remind yourself when it is time to depart if the budget has been exceeded.
  • Only bring what you need: Many casinos offer convenient services such as debit or credit cards for posting money for gaming purposes; however, drawing out more than your set allotment could lead to spending more than you had intended. Make sure only to bring enough cash for your predetermined budget and cards or account info only if needed for tracking or reward incentives.
  • Bring snacks and drinks: Bringing food from home into the casino is another practical way of reminding yourself that real-world responsibilities still exist outside of the gaming areas and machines that take away valuable minutes and hours from our day-to-day lives.
  • Use scheduled breaks: Designating short breaks while playing slot machines or online pokies can help keep track your progress during game sessions by allowing occasional access points between gameplay where external stimuli such as phone calls or social networks can realign one’s general sense of time within established memberships at online gambling sites like Australian open Tennis betting sites.

It turns out that even when the casino loses a large amount of money, giving it to the lucky winner, it still makes a profit, because it uses this loss as an effective marketing tool to get new customers, and, accordingly, new cash flows.