Cheap & Easy Ways to Improve Your Backyard – 2024 Guide


Soft transitions in the garden can be created by flower beds and paths, hedges, smoothly bordering lawns, an open porch. It will take more time to reach your goal along a winding path than walking in a straight line, as a result, and the garden will seem larger than it really is.

In small gardens, frozen straight lines should also be avoided. An exception to this is the idea of a regular style garden design.

Fresh Flowers


Luxurious flower beds are the main idea for decorating backyard designs. If you have a few empty spots, fill them with pleasure with annuals like marigold or zinnias. At the same time, those flower beds on which flowers are arranged with taste make an amazing impression. Combining shades of different herbaceous perennials, such as liatris, ornamental onions, oriental poppy and phlox, gives a fresh effect.

A mini garden patch is a great idea for those who do not have a large family. From such a patch, you can collect a full harvest of greens and vegetables and the same variety as from the very real garden. Plant some lettuce, two zucchini, some carrots, some radish, herbs – and this will be enough to provide yourself with vitamins.

Evergreen barberries are grown for their beautiful dark green glossy foliage. They are undemanding, easy to care for. The scope of its application of barberry in garden design is wide. Among them, there are unusually spectacular species and varieties with orange or red leaf tips, for example, Juliana’s barberry or Ganepen’s lanceolate variety.

Deciduous barberries are very beautiful in the fall dress. Red-leaved Thunberg barberries, for example, the columnar variety ‘Hellmond Pillar’, shine brightly. Until winter, these bushes are spicy, decorated with orange or reddish fruits, which serve as an important source of food for birds.

Ampelous plants


The most popular ampelous plants are ivy pelargonium, petunia, surfinia, nasturtium, fuchsia, verbena. They are planted in hanging baskets. As indicated by decksforlife, their advantage is that, firstly, they can decorate a small courtyard, a large garden, and a modest porch, making them very beautiful and cozy.

Secondly, by constantly changing the compositions in containers and hanging baskets, you can create a constant feeling of novelty.

Thirdly: ampel plants can decorate nondescript elements of the site, make bright color accents.

Fourth: caring for them is very easy. It is enough to water and feed them. No need to weed, huddle, mulch. There is no need to wait for the results of the work, they are visible after a few weeks.

Fifth: some ampelous plants will decorate your winter garden or warm balcony during the cold season.

In the compositions, ampelous plants look very beautiful, differing from each other in shape, height, color palette.

There are a lot of options for creativity.

Add some water


Any backyard is refreshing with a garden pond. It is eye-catching, calming, and relaxing. You can create a water world on just a few square meters of your site.

You will be captivated by the Far Eastern flavor of a composition in which nymphs in waterproof glass pots are combined, for example, with papyrus and a yellow iris.

Wooden barrels and zinc barrels trays planted with marigold marsh, and buttercup, will invariably attract the attention of others.

Green Carpet


A green lawn is the pride of many amateur flower growers. But, if you make your choice on a perfectly flat rectangular or square lawn, your garden will look very boring. Flower beds with a wide variety of plants, located on the lawn like islands, give it a unique charm. Ideas for decorating and landscape design. Then, small groups of shrubs and trees can be planted on the lawn: they excite interest because they hide the areas behind them from view.

Being in a small paradise, created by your own hands, you do not have to be in sight all the time. Trellis with ornamental creepers, ornamental evergreen hedges and tall shrubs provide good protection from prying eyes.

Plant props and wrought iron screens are great if your garden is short on space. In addition, they will create a sense of spaciousness. Tightly intertwined with climbing plants such as clematis, honeysuckle or roses, these structures look like beautiful works of art and also hide the space behind them.

Decorating the garden with sculpture


The garden sculpture that you will use to decorate your garden should be in harmony with the style of the house and fit into the overall design of the garden.

Sculpture can not only be bought, you can make it yourself. But before you start making sculptural compositions and decorating the garden with them, you need to remember the proportions. The smaller your site, the smaller choose a sculpture.

Gnomes, small houses, watermen, and other characters of fairy tales will remind you of a fun childhood.

Bright sculptures will liven up any dark corner of the garden and make it so much more fun.

The red ladybug will look great against the background of juicy green grass. And only after a good look, you can understand that this is an ordinary stone, just painted.