7 Benefits of Saddle Chairs – 2024 Guide

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More than ever, people work from home. There are many reasons for that growing trend. The Internet is accessible to everyone and it is easy to communicate with colleagues and clients, regardless of your current location. Then a lot of work is related to the Internet, which was not the case before. And as if all that wasn’t enough, humanity faced a coronavirus pandemic.

Social distance is the main measure of prevention and for that reason, everyone, whose nature of work is such, is transferred to work from home instead of the office. And as things develop, it seems that it will take at least a few more months until the vaccine appears. That’s why the chair we sit in while working is of immense importance. Many neglect this and work on ordinary dining chairs which is very bad. When we are looking for the best chair for our home office we search for several characteristics, and those characteristics are…

Seat height

First, you need to choose a chair on which you can adjust the height. This will be necessary for you, because you will change the tables where you work and the actions you perform, so the same height will not always suit you.


It needs to be stable to be able to give you the right support. If it is unstable, you will not be able to take the ideal position you want.


Like with any purchase, price plays a big role, so here too. There are models that cost several thousand dollars, they are certainly very comfortable and made of the highest quality materials, such as leather and wood. But it is not necessary to set aside so much money when for less than 100 dollars you can find a chair that will suit you ideally. Have you ever through of saddle chairs? Although unusual, these chairs have some amazing benefits. You just have to choose the best one and enjoy numerous benefits. Visit Ergonomics Health to read reviews about best models for 2024.


1. Improves posture

While sitting on traditional models, at some point we get bored of a certain position, and the constant change becomes so tiring that we can no longer even sit. This is due to the incorrect position of the body, the chair is simply not designed to fully adapt to us. Apart from the fact that in the long run, we can endanger our health in this way, a large drop in concentration is also the result of poor sitting.

However, when you move to a saddle chair, everything is completely different. Immediately after you sit on it, your body automatically assumes the correct position. It is designed so that regardless of the type of this model, you can notice how your shoulders and hips stand in the same plane.

2. Minimizes back and neck pain

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This refers to annoying pains in the back, neck, and shoulders. They are mainly a consequence of sitting in an incorrect position for too long, and today it is a very widespread problem. A lot of people are struggling with this because few of them know what really suits the spine and what harms it. In addition to moving more, we must use quality furniture that has ergonomic value.

This means that your chair should meet at least some of the following items: adjustable height – the legs should not hang but touch the floor, armrests, and shoulders to get less tired, it is mandatory that the backrest supports the lumbar spine and it is desirable that the chair contains wheels.

3. Improves balance

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Balance does not refer exclusively to balancing body parts at the appropriate angle and width, but also to the balance between productivity and comfort. However, our focus is on stabilizing the body.

When sitting in the position provided by the saddle chair, the legs are spread exactly as they should be, the hips and pelvis are stabilized and upright oriented. This means that you are in the most relaxed state. On the other hand, the fixed foot gives you extra balance when moving with a chair.

4. Allows you to be mobile

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With a saddle chair, you don’t have to worry about your spine being in the right position, even if you lean forward. You are safe here. During this way of sitting, you keep your posture, because you are constantly moving your legs, turning and you can reach for things quickly and easily with the help of wheels. This fantastic ergonomic experience gives some models, in addition to mobility, portability, and then you can use it in any other seat.

5. Reduces foot swelling

Swelling of the feet is a big problem for everyone who sits for a long time. Swelling of the feet is due to the great pressure you put on the veins and arteries that carry blood to the legs. But the saddle chair is different and that’s why you won’t have this problem. The seating position is completely different from the traditional one, which will prevent foot swelling. The position of the legs is wider and in this way, the blood flow will be unobstructed.

6. Better breathing

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We all know how important breathing is. If we don’t breathe, we are not alive. It is for this reason that we all take this action for granted. And have you ever noticed how you have difficulty breathing? How do you not use full lung capacity? The causes can be various, but incorrect body position while sitting can be one of the main causes. Our diaphragm is bent if we sit incorrectly and then our breath is short. We cannot establish so-called belly breathing, which is the healthiest way to breathe. In this way, blood pressure is lowered, the pulse is lowered and well-being is generally achieved.


If you have a problem with proper posture, the entire musculoskeletal system, or simply want to improve the quality of your work, then you definitely want to choose this. This way you will not only improve your overall functioning in the workplace, but you will improve your health.