Cheap Wedding Save The Dates That Won’t Break The Bank

Wedding save the dates are typically reserved for guests living abroad or if the couple is thinking of marrying abroad. However, it has become a trend to send save the dates to everyone, akin to the olden tradition of sending wedding invitations.

However, with extravagances comes high costs. But it is alright if you do not want to miss out on any wedding custom, even modern ones like save the dates. Still, in no way does it mean that wedding save the dates has to be your reason for going bankrupt.

Of course, by saving money on cheap wedding save the dates; you get to spend it elsewhere, for example, on your honeymoon.

Creative But Inexpensive Save The Dates You Must Try

It is an established rule to avoid customization for want of conserving money. However, this does not mean that you’re save the date cards have to be bland and common. No, they can stand out with a little creativity and hard work.

Especially since save the dates are sent almost a year prior to the actual marriage ceremony, you have plenty of time to create some gorgeous DIY save the date cards. Visit to check out the cards we’ve mentioned throughout the article.

Vintage Postcard Save The Dates


Vintage never goes out of style, and neither do postcards. The perfect way to send save the dates is through vintage postcards. Wedding save the date postcards are cheap and appealing enough to any aesthete.

So they won’t ruin the outlook of your ceremony. Moreover, postcards are convenient and have lower postage fees. Not only this, postcards the standard sized anyway, do not require an envelope, so that is more money saved.

Watercolor Save The Date Cards

Is there anything a wash of blue and lilac can’t beautify? We all know the subdued yet transforming impact watercolors impact on their viewers. It is observed in works displayed in galleries worldwide and the tiny manifestations of creatives on items other than a canvas.

You can make use of this art and upgrade you save the date cards. Pastel colors go exceptionally well with wedding themes. So many will automatically look forward to your ceremony.

Polaroid Save The Date Cards


Polaroids have always added the spirit of romanticism to whatever is captured. Moreover, they are cheap too. So you can kick off the wedding season with another vintage, ever-trendy, and aesthetic way to send out your save the date cards.

There are several ways to use polaroids as save the date cards. For starters, you may write the deets on the blank space at the bottom of or behind the polaroid. On the other hand, you can couple the polaroid with a small note or card that carries all the necessary details. Not the cheapest, but it works well enough.

Film Role Save The Date Cards

Go down in Hollywood style and let the world know of your wedding through an exquisite vintage film role. This might seem like an odd choice to some. But what is better than entering the limelight in Marilyn Monroe style.

Camera film roles are vintage and have a sophisticated touch to them. Moreover, unlike other choices, it won’t make you look like a miserly person. Even though you will be saving plenty.

Scratch Card Save The Dates


Now, who doesn’t love a little surprise every now and then? Instead of sending your friends highly detailed and intricate save the date cards, try sending scratch cards instead. These are a cute but fun ways to announce your expected union. In addition, it is cheap and offers a lot of variety too.

Bookmark Save The Dates

If you and your partner are booklovers or getting married in a library, book-themed save the date is the way to go. You can design it according to your favorite book or character. But if you want to give it a royal and grand look, you can set the theme after Minas Tirith or any other fictional location.

If you aren’t too big on using fictional characters for fear of copyright, you may design the bookmarks to look like penguin classic book covers or have them pressed with foil to look like Barnes and Noble’s leatherbound classics. The best thing about this substitute is that it is inexpensive and provides a never-ending list of options. All you need is creativity and a bibliophile by your side.

Vinyl Record Save The Dates


Books and music often go together in the world of artistic people. If you are more oriented towards chords and tunes, send you to save the date cards in the form of vinyl. Of course, this will not be cheap, like the bookmark save the dates mentioned above. But they are definitely going to be a memorable one.

Moreover, another tip you can try to save money is sending the dates to only people closest to you. This way, you can cut down on unnecessary costs and have the perfect wedding start. Finally, personalize it with your favorite artist’s song that suits the theme and post away!

Balloon Save The Date Cards

A unique but fun way to announce your big day is by making your guests inflate balloons. I mean, what could be a better way to toy with your friends. Balloons are quite cheap and convenient to buy. Moreover, they weigh little too.

Print your save the date announcement on a balloon, fix it on any card of appropriate size, and post away. This idea is creative and will increase the excitement of your guests with every blow.


A little creativity goes a long way. Discover your craftsmanship and design your own DIY save the date cards to achieve exceptionally impactful results. The creative save the dates mentioned above or only the tip of the iceberg. There are even more amazing, quirky, magnificent save the date ideas waiting for you out there.

Go for ideas that describe your personality. You can also do so by replacing the boring old vows on the save the dates with something funny, like “Awkward dancing/ Food that tastes great/ Anne and Merton/ Hope you’ll save their date!”