Wedding Photography: How To Create a Budget You Won’t Break

Create a Budget for Wedding Photography

There is no more a momentous occasion than a loving couple’s big day. It’s the time where two families become one and when loved ones come together to celebrate the special couple. It’s a joyous occasion that never fails to be one of the biggest events of the year.

But who are we kidding? It can be quite expensive. But this is all part of the joy and revelry that beholds such an important day. However, it’s always important to develop a budget for each of the big day’s elements. A budget for food, beverage, location, transport and, of course, photography.

But don’t stress – developing your budget doesn’t have to be overwhelming – it’s just a matter of ticking boxes. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to ensure you get the best photographer for the best price:

Step 1: What are your priorities?


Before getting into the monetary side of things it’s important to determine your priorities. Think about it: what’s most important for your affordable wedding photography? Do you want a big and bold album detailing every aspect of the day’s fun and frivolity? Or, are you happy with a few intimate shots of you, your beloved and some family members? Determining whether you want small and intimate or grand and glamorous is the first step to determining your budget!

Step 2: Do your research

There are many professionals out there offering different services for different prices. The goal here is to enlist a reputable professional who won’t extort you for the money you set aside for frozen cocktails. Do your research with the aim of finding that perfect balance. Of course, the most important thing is to enlist a professional with a great reputation, as they will always provide the most beautiful results. Next, check their prices or consult with them directly – you may be surprised at just how reasonable a renowned professional’s prices can be!

Step 3: Make a realistic budget


Once you have a good idea about Sydney professionals photographers and their prices it is time to set your budget. If you are throwing a wedding on a budget then you will need to be conscious of who you choose so that you don’t break said budget. Remember that a professional photography costs around $4,000 depending on the kind of album you want for your special day. And, of course, extras like wedding videography will cost extra, so it’s important to remember your budget and decide on your professional/services depending on your budget.

Step 4: What services do you want for your album?


From engagement shots to “getting-ready” photos, group shots and the ceremony, there are many options available for your service. Once you have realised your budget and found a suitable professional it is time to decide on which shots you would like in your album. Here, the most important thing is determining which shoots matter to you most.

For example, can you happily leave the getting-ready shots but don’t want to leave a loving family member out of the album? If so, group shots are a priority and you can potentially leave out another aspect for this imperative!

Step 6: Look out for hidden costs

Certain photographers might include hidden costs that they spring on you later down the track. This can be a budgetary nightmare, so be sure to inquire about these with your chosen expert to see if they have them or if costs are all transparent before you sign a contract!