What Colored Contacts are Best For Dark Brown Eyes

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Are you a fan of colored contact lenses? If not or if you have never tried them before, would you be willing to test them out and give them a go? They can look gorgeous, subtle, and they can totally transform your look while enhancing your features.

Keep on reading and find out what to do with them + understand which lenses to wear when you have brown or dark brown eyes!

Top 7 most-asked questions about contacts

1. Can I wear colored lenses if my eyes are naturally super dark brown?

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People love to wear contact lenses (women especially) since they can truly transform their pupils. One of the benefits and perks of colored lenses is that they can give you your desired color, at last!

Did you know that more than 60% of the population worldwide has brown eyes? It naturally does make sense why you’d want to stand out and try out something new & fun! Well, now you can change your color, just with the right approach & set of guidelines that we will list down below.

2. If I have brown eyes – which lenses to go for?

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Getting the perfect eye color is like choosing the perfect nude lipstick – it takes time, constant trials & errors, as well as knowing how to adjust & pair it along to your skin tone/undertone.

Most women will find it easier to change their eye color and to find their perfect contacts since they are naturally better at understanding colors, shades & undertones. Dark brown eyes are super pigmented, and they could have an issue with rocking light pale blue or grey lenses.

Your dark iris can make the look a bit uneven, which is why you should consider wearing opaque contacts. Opaque contacts have a lot more color and vibrant pixels than regular ones. These should be your go-to if you want to achieve super light eyes.

3. What type of colored contacts are there?

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Grey contacts

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Grey contacts are unusual and beautiful in their own way. They are also quite rare which makes them a must-have if you wish to stand out. You can go for transparent, tint, opaque – you name it!


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Blue is quite tricky to wear and achieve since it is such a dramatic color. If you wish to rock ocean-blue eyes you should go for contacts that are highly pigmented.


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Green has that mysterious vibe to it, and it is a gorgeous go-to choice for everyday subtle wear. It can look natural and you don’t have to go for too pigmented lenses.

Pink, purple, yellow – you name it

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There are also some other unusual obscene colors that you can go for. These are quite popular in movies and on YouTube. Nowadays a lot of makeup artists and prop lovers experiment with red, yellow, purple, as well as some other funky colors that can look great in photos.

4. How to know which size to go for?

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Contact lenses are not universal, and they do come in different models/sizes. A circled lens is a popular solution due to its gorgeous and dark rim. It also has a proper normal diameter which can leave you with doll-like eyes, which you are probably going to love.

The base curve, however, is the curvature of your natural eye that can vary and differ from one person to another. Make sure that you know your actual BC before you purchase your lenses since too big will come off loose, and they will irritate your eyes.

5. Can these contacts be bad for you, and can you wear them?

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They are safe, only if you get the right kind from a trustworthy manufacturer and from a proper site. They do come in different sizes and specs, which is why you should get the best ones for yourself.

The prescription will also play a huge role in picking out your go-to kind. Make sure that they are FDA-approved, that they come in proper (unopened) packaging, and that they are brand new.

Choose the best store/manufacturer and you will be in love with the results. Make sure that your ophthalmologist allows and approves of the model, as well as your daily or weekly use.

6. For how long can you wear them on a daily?

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As a general rule; most people and experts recommend that you wear them for 8 hours per day (max). You should, however, always ask your doctor and see how he or she feels about your newly purchased model of lenses.

PS: Always make sure that you remove them before you hit the bed and store them properly and in their case. Do not fall asleep while having them on since this will cause burning sensation/pain in the morning.

7. How to use them and insert them safely?

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Not everyone knows how to properly insert their lenses. If you are a first-time wearer, make sure that you follow these steps:

  • Do not share your colored contacts with others, they are yours & yours only.
  • Make sure that you wash your hands before you insert them.
  • Use your fingertips and make sure that your nails are kept clean and maintained before you place them in your eye.
  • Blink a couple of times to get them going and to adjust to the feeling.
  • Do not shower while having them on.
  • Always read their expiration date and follow the instructions.
  • Store them as described on the packaging.

Where to buy & find the best-colored contacts?

Are you ready for your first-ever colored lenses? If you are looking for some high-quality ones that are not too pricey either, make sure that you check out coloredcontacts.org.

Choose any color you like, starting with ocean blue, aquamarine, hazel, purple, or scarlet red! Their variety will intrigue you + you will find the perfect pair, no matter your actual and natural eye color. They are great for everyday wear or special events and gatherings that are ahead.