Crucial Role of Glass Microfiber Filter Paper in Filtration

In laboratory and common usage, the microfiber filter paper is a device that has been designed to physically block and filter out certain substances and other minute objects while allowing others to pass through. The unique qualities of glass microfiber filter paper make its use of specific advantage in specialized applications. This type of filter is basically a microporous paper that contains a specific pore size rating. Microfiber filters hold the particles and other micro-particles that go beyond its pore ratings by performing as a physical barrier and filtering these particles right on the surface of the membrane filter. There are different applications for microfiber filters and these include:

  • Overall cleaning and filtration
  • Sample preparation
  • Environmental evaluation and monitoring
  • Filtering of liquid and other organic solutions
  • Fluid examination

A glass microfiber filter paper has different features depending on its manufacturer. You can find a membrane filter that has high porosity rating. High porosity rating can provide a higher level of gas and liquid flow rate per unit area. It can also provide high surface area for binding or effective adsorption.

According to DSCBalances, glass microfiber filter paper technology has become very innovative. The main strength of glass filters lies in the fact that it effectively works without the need for additional chemicals and it also has a comparatively low energy usage and not so complex and organized process conductions. Today, one of the most advanced filtration system used on water filtration uses membrane filters that effectively functions either for fine filtering or employs a highly technical procedure using different types of filters made up of semi-porous membranes.

If you are looking for a high-quality top of the line glass microfiber filter paper for your microfiltration requirements, the internet is a good source of information where you can begin your search. Whatman 1882-047, DSC 934-AH™, Ahlstrom 1510-0550 Glass Microfiber Filter Paper, and Advantec Type GS25 are among the types of glass microfiber filter in the market today. There are several dealers and manufacturers with online websites that can guarantee for the quality of their products. Reliable companies dealing with various types of filters have a comprehensive online catalog which you can use for searching different types of glass microfiber filter you need according to the purpose of which the filters are to be used. With online filter dealers and manufacturers, you will have a convenient way of searching, comparing, and purchasing for the membrane filters you need according to the specifications you require.