What is Online Digital Printing and How Does it Work?

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The era of technology is not only changing how we live, but it is also changing how we print. There are two ways of printing services that you can choose from and while the Litho printing is a traditional method that is still used today, online digital printing is, in fact, much cheaper and faster. Hence, in this article, you will be able to read about what is digital printing, as well as the benefits of it. Let’s take a look:

What is Online Digital Printing?

Digital Printing is a new process which involves complex computing which tells the machine how to create an image on paper or other material. The digital printer will then analyze the photo and print it onto the surface you have chosen.

How does it work?

The process is different from litho printing, that uses wet ink and transfers the image with the printing plates. Digital printing has a different approach, and it assembles the photos ready to print from a complex set of formulas and numbers. The photos are captured from pixels and the digitalized photo is used to control how much ink is deposited, toner and exposure, to replicate the exact image you want.

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Digital printers are usually inkjets or toner-based printers. The inkjet printer makes your image by mapping minuscule drops of ink onto the chosen surface which create the image. A toner-based printer will use a fine, plastic-based powder which allows the printer to make smaller dots than that of the inkjet and it comes out dry.

What are the advantages of Digital Printing?

This type of printing is a modern method and it brings a wide range of benefits to the consumers. Some of the benefits include:

1. It will save time

Perhaps one of the best benefits is that it is much faster than the traditional printing technique that uses plates. With digital printing, you will only have to upload a high-resolution file of the picture you chose and the printer will do the rest of the work for you. Hence, it is much faster.

2. It is customizable

The process caters well for personalized content. Different printing is available with this printing technique, which allows for each piece of the material to be unique. According to the experts from www.PrintFactory.ca, when it comes to digital printing, you will be able to think about your customers as individuals, hence, you will be able to personalize each material.

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3. High-quality prints

Even if the image has a lower resolution, the digital printing process will produce higher quality prints. This printing technique has drastically improved from the first printer of this type and since it uses a non-contact process, the images will have less distortion. The finished product is usually precise and sharp, compared to the litho technique that offers a softer finish.

4. It is cost-effective

As you would expect from a more efficient and faster process, online digital printing is also cheaper than the traditional types of print. You will print as much as you need with digital, however, with litho, there is a minimum amount. It is also perfect for small printing jobs.


As you can see, digital printing is faster, cost-efficient, and less time-consuming than the traditional means of printing. Hence, the next time you need to print out cards, brochures, or marketing material, consider using digital printing.